Which is the Best Hemisphere in Animal Crossing New Horizons

By Raaj
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Animal Crossing New Horizons has two hemispheres, Northern and Southern. When you start you will have to pick one from two and start playing the game. If you are confused which is the best hemisphere in Animal Crossing New Horizons, then here is a guide where you can learn about the differences between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Learn which hemisphere to choose to live and what are the pros and cons of both. This guide also answer one of the biggest question – how to change hemisphere in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

What is the difference between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere?

Both hemispheres have similar seasons but in reverse. In simple words, both hemispheres have opposite seasons. When there is spring in Northern Hemisphere in Animal Crossing New Horizons, then players of the southern hemisphere will experience Fall (Autumn).  The difference lies in the season’s players’ experience by choosing one hemisphere. Seasons are divided into different months, on which you will be able to participate in various events. Also, fishes, fruits, insects, etc will be available on the basis of this season’s changes. Below is a month-wise list of seasons for both the hemisphere.


  • Northern Hemisphere – Winter
  • Southern Hemisphere – Summer

March- April-May:

  • Northern Hemisphere – Spring Season
  • Southern Hemisphere – Fall (Autumn) Season


  • Northern Hemisphere – Summer
  • Southern Hemisphere – Winter


  • Northern Hemisphere – Fall (Autumn) Season
  • Southern Hemisphere – Spring

Which is the best Hemisphere?

Choose hemisphere on the basis of your location, this will help you to connect with existing players, visit their island and participate in common events. For example, among players, Northern Hemisphere is more popular. If you stay in the US, England, Canada, etc then Northern Hemisphere is the best option. If you are unsure then begin with north, and enjoy real-world season changes. It is necessary to choose the hemisphere where you are living so that you can play with your friends and families. This is one of the most important regions why choosing the right hemisphere is highly important. Otherwise, Northern Hemisphere is best to begin because a lot of players are from that region.

This does not mean you cannot visit the opposite hemisphere, you can always if you love to travel. Visit other players, participate in the event and enjoy rewards.

Can you change Hemisphere?

No, you cannot change the hemisphere Animal Crossing New Horizons. So you have to pick wisely where to begin. Depending on your region pick the one so that you can play in collaboration with the players as well as take part in seasonal challenges. So remember this important point you cannot really change the hemisphere in Animal Crossing New Horizons after you started playing. The same is applicable to the islands.

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