How to Summon The Elder Through Ancient Bowl: Valheim

Want to know where is Ancient Bowl in Valheim to summon the Elder boss?

Valhiem is a sandbox survival game played in a third-person perspective with combat-style action. It has a collective of 4 bosses out of which the second boss is our pal, The Elder. It is a huge tree-like dark character who needs to be summoned and defeated. Valheim The Elder Ancient Bowl can only be accessible after you destroy the first boss, Eikthyr. We will tell you where to find the Ancient Bowl in Valheim to Summon and defeat the Elder. So Summon him and buckle up.

How to Find the Ancient Bowl?

Every boss in Valheim is hidden and you have to perform a task to summon it. After dealing with the first boss, you will have to find the Ancient Bowl to summon the second boss, The Elder.


Ancient Bowl Location

The Elder is located in the Black Forest biome and the players will need to first reveal the Elder’s Mystical Altar location on the map. The revelation takes place by finding Burial Chambers and stone structures that have random locations in The Black Forest. These will have runestone saying ‘Vegvisir The Elder Location’ which the player can interact with and that will register the Elder summoning location on the map. Vegvisir exists in multiple locations within the forest and can unlock multiple summoning spots for The Elder. You might have to sail to the location via boat.

How to Summon The Elder via Ancient Bowl

Ancient Bowl Summon

Once you reach the Elder’s Mystical Altar you will find a big fire bowl which is the Ancient Bowl in the middle of the location and a runestone similar to the previous one saying ‘BURN THEIR YOUNG’. Upon its activation, you will need 3 Ancient Seeds to sacrifice at the altar to summon the Elder via the Ancient Bowl. These are drops by Greydwarves and every Greydwarves nest drops an ancient seed. Just spot purple smoke coming out of a tree-like structure around the Forest which is a Greydwarves nest basically a spawning point and destroy it for the seed.

Gray dwarves themselves also sometimes drop these seeds, especially a Brute or a Shaman. Once you have 3 Seeds add them to the quick slot and just sacrifice them in the fire. This is how you summon The Elder via Ancient Bowl. Remember before you sacrifice, you will need some preparation beforehand as our pal the Elder here is not going down with an easy fight.

How to Defeat the Elder

Ancient Bowl Fight Summon The Elder Through Ancient Bowl: Valheim

  1. The Elder has three main types of recognizable attacks:
  2. Foot Stomps: Damages the area around the stomp
  3. Branch Shoots: Targets directly at the player by shooting branches
  4. Root Summoning: Summons roots in nearby locations of the player which damages the player if gotten close enough.

Now keep in mind that Elder is essentially a tree that is made out of wood. So any kind of fire weapon and fire defense will cause the most critical damage. It will also be easier to use some cheesy tactics and get help from some friends. This would make the fight easier even though you can defeat the boss solo. Make sure you get enough food and a lot of bronze in your armor is also recommended to defeat the Elder.


Swamp Key rewards

Once you have defeated the Elder, he will drop an Elder Trophy and The Swamp Key. Mount the Trophy on the Sacrificial Stone. This will give you the ability of faster wood cutting. The Swamp Key is used to access Sunken Crypts in the swamp biome.

With the right strategy and tactics, you can make this a walk in the park and quite enjoyable. Valheim can get more and more challenging as you progress unlocking the most exotic locations and the darkest creatures simultaneously. This is all there is to know about where to find the Ancient Bowl in Valheim.  Also if you want to know how to defeat Bonemass, fight Moder, and defeat Yagulth the final boss then click the links.