Among Us: How To Play No Visor Mod

Here's how to play the Among Us No Visor Mod which brings a ghost role among crewmates.

We have a new Among Us mod with the ‘No Visor’ role to play. This time the modders have managed to bring to life, the Creepypasta about ‘No Visor’ glitch in Among Us. No Visor is a ghost that haunts the Skeld map. No Visor hunts new players who log in to this map. Hearing about this game mod we were excited to know more about it, but playing it is a totally different story. Since the ghost is so strong, it totally shifts the dynamics of the game. There will be moments when you will don’t know how to react or handle this otherworldly power among you. So here’s how to play No Visor Mod in Among Us.

How to Play No Visor Role Mod in Among Us?

Joining a public server with a copy of the Among Us No Visor mod enabled seems to be the only way to play it. There is currently no version that can be downloaded and installed by anyone for this mod. Currently, only a few servers have this mod installed. You must be invited to join their matches by someone you know or stumble across the servers by accident. Given the mod’s growing success, the developers could decide to make it available for all of us to play. You’ll just have to take a chance to join the servers till then.

How Does it Work?

Impostors in No Visor mod will have four additional options in addition to original the Kill and Sabotage options. These new options are Jumpscare, Rush, Vanish, and Duplicate. As you’ve guessed, the person who has become No Visor seems to be much more strong than a standard impostor. It effectively transforms the game into a unique psychological horror experience. If you’re interested, check out this video of SSundee and his friends playing Among Us with this mod. This is the best way to see No Visor mod in action for the first time.

This is all we’ve got about the Among Us No Visor Role Mod. If you don’t get to play this one, don’t forget to check out our other Among Us Mods articles like the Phantom Mod, Ninja Mod, Snitch Role, Jester Mode and more.