What Is The ‘Ninja’ Mod In Among Us?

Here's how Among Us Ninja mod works.

Yet another mod added in the long list of Among Us mods. A few days after Werewolf Imposter and Snitch mod, a popular YouTuber named SSundee has uploaded a video of himself playing Among Us using the new mod called ‘Ninja.’

In order to keep the craze alive among the fans, the developer of the game, InnerSloth, has released a new mod ‘Ninja’, which gives the imposters abilities like Ninja. The latest mod comes a few days after the game was widely criticized for releasing the same kind of contents.

If you don’t know what Among Us Ninja mod is and how it works, here’s everything that you need to know about the latest mod.

What is the ‘Ninja’ Mod in Among Us?

Released by InnerSloth, Among Us Ninja mod gives Ninja-like abilities to Imposters that they can use to kill crewmates without getting caught. Before you download Among Us Ninja mod, you should know that those who play Among Us as Ninja Imposters can only use throwing stars to kill crewmates.

As soon as you activate Ninja mod in Among Us, you would not be able to see ‘Kill’ button. To kill crewmates in the game, you will have to use the ‘Throw Star’ button. Apart from that Ninja imposters can also use smoke bombs, making all the players blind for a moment. Notably, there is a 20-second cooldown for the smoke bomb and 8-second cooldown for the throwing stars.

With the release of Ninja mod, Among Us has become more challenging for players the imposter as they no longer select the crewmate who they want to kill. There is a crewmates icon appearing on the bottom left of each round and Ninja Imposter can only kill the players whose icon appear there during the round.

Among Us has gained fame and recognition for a lot of Twitch streamers, specifically for Rachel  ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter. For the unversed, it is Among Us which helped her to win the award for the most-watched female streamer.

Recently, when she was asked about her opinion on Among Us, she quickly said that the developer of the game should bring new interesting contents into the game. The latest mod comes merely a few days after she requested InnerSloth to roll out new content into the game.

That’s everything you need to know about Among Us Ninja mod.