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How To Complete All Airship Map Shower Tasks In Among Us

All Shower Tasks in the new Airship Map in Among Us.

The new Among Us Airship map brought out new tasks and updated locations such as the Showers. The Airship map has been brought in to keep the game fresh and updated. There are also some new tasks that are bound to keep you interested. Follow the steps in this guide to know how to complete the new Shower Tasks in the new Airship Map.

Where is the Shower located in the new Airship map in Among Us

Among Us All Shower Tasks

In the new Airship Map, the Showers are located towards the center. There are three points of entry for the Showers. The Records room, Main Hall and Cargo Bay all give access to the showers.

How to complete the Fix Showers task in the Shower Room

Among Us All Shower Tasks

In the Shower room, one of the shower heads is not working. You will have to fix this issue by hammering the shower head straight. Once you interact with this faulty shower a screen with the broken shower will pop up. There will be a power meter below which will show you how much power will be used by the hammer. Your task is to get the showerhead upright and straight. Once that happens a message will pop up saying task completed.

How to complete the Pickup Towels Task in the Showers

Among Us All Shower Tasks

To complete this task you will have to pick up all the towels strewn around in the Shower room. These towels will have a yellow border when you interact with them. Pick up all these towels and head to the north entrance of the shower room. Here you will see a trolley basket. Interact with it and put all the collected towels in this basket. Doing this will complete the task.

How to complete the Divert Power task in the Showers

Among Us All Shower Tasks

To divert power to the Showers you need to go to the Electrical room. You can access the Electrical room through the Main Hall. In the back corner, there will be an electrical cabinet. Interact with it and send power to the Showers.

Among Us All Shower Tasks

Now go back to the Showers. Search for the electrical panel in the Shower area. The electrical panel is located near the lockers. Interact with the panel and click on the fuse in the middle to divert the power. This will complete the task successfully.

This is everything you need to know about how to complete all the Shower Tasks in the new Airship Map in Among Us. If you’re too annoyed to chat with your crewmates find out how to turn off quick chat. Have a look at our complete Among Us Wiki for complete information about the game.