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When Is The Among Us 15 Player Update?

Want to get access to 15 player lobbies in Among Us? What's the release date? Here's all you need to know.

After the big Airship map update, fans of this social deduction game can get ready for another important change. If you have a group of 15 friends who want to play together, know that there’s an upcoming Among Us 15 player lobby update. The official twitter account has tweeted about it so we’re all super pumped to see how it makes the game more competitive. So, when is this update’s release date and how to download it? Keep reading to know.

What’s the Among Us 15 Player Update Release Date?

how to get among us 15 player lobby update

Innersloth has added 15 player lobbies in the 15 June update in Among Us. Before this, there were 10 max players in this multiplayer game which can include friends or random players. So, now is the chance to get all your friends together and play Among Us.

In terms of the art style change, it won’t differ from the existing one. But it will be better for the developers at Innersloth to animate. With more players, of course, there will be more colors which is exciting because more outfit combo options! Apart from these, some bug fixes and tweaks are included which probably won’t be major but surely necessary.

When a twitter user asked if this update will be available in a week, month or more, @AmongUsGame replied with a yes. Ah, yes, understandable. This is similar to the Airship map release which didn’t have a release date for the longest time but eventually we got it. For now, it’s a matter of patience, my fellow crewmates. Stay tuned to Gamer Tweak for all the new updates.

How to Download and Play 15 Player Lobby Update?

To get this new feature, you don’t have to do anything complicated. That’s because it is an official one from the devs and not a mod. All you have to do is update Among Us on PC, Mobile or Nintendo Switch. Here’s how to update on iPhone specifically. Once the update is released, you can follow the steps mentioned in our guides. Get the latest features right at your fingertips.

If you need any help navigating the sus world of Among Us, we’ve got lots of tips and tricks for you, so don’t miss out!