Amnesia: Rebirth – How To Blow Up The Fort Door | Tank Puzzle Guide

Here's how you can destroy the fort door in Amnesia: Rebirth to escape the fortress.

Amnesia: Rebirth is quite more complex than its previous installments SOMA and the Dark Descent. The puzzles you will solve in this game will be much more difficult, and you can tell this from one of the first puzzles you would encounter in the game. We are talking about the tank puzzle, that you will have to solve to escape the fortress. By completing the puzzle you will be able to blow up the fort door in Amnesia: Rebirth and escape. To make this challenging puzzle, a lot simpler, we have crafted this tank puzzle solution guide.

This puzzle guide will walk you through how to craft a shell to use in the tank. The shell will help destroy the fort door in Amnesia: Rebirth and let you escape from the fortress.

How to Destroy the Fort Door in Amnesia: Rebirth

To blow up the fort door in Amnesia: Rebirth, you will have to craft gunpowder and use it to prepare a shell for the tank. Once you have the shell, simply aim at the door and fire to destroy it.

The solution might sound very simple, but it easier said than done. Going back to the root of the puzzle, it will all begin when you find the radio and interact with it in the fort puzzle.

The radio will make you aware that other survivors have already escaped the fortress and are hiding at a village past the door. Hence, you will have to blow up the huge door to reunite with them.

There will be a tank at the center of the fort’s courtyard. You can use this tank to blast the fort door and get past it. However, as said earlier, you will have to craft gunpowder first to do that.

how to destroy fort door in Amnesia: Rebirth

How to Craft Gunpowder in Amnesia: Rebirth

You can craft the gunpowder from the Arsenal area. However, there is another door preventing you from reaching the Arsenal. To get there, you will first have to find the key to the locked door, which is in the tank.

Head to the tank, then open the left hatch and interact with it to enter the tank. Once inside the tank, find a key hanging on a rack. Pick up the key and come out of the tank. Now, head right and find stairs to go beneath the ground.

The Arsenal area is located underground. Once at the locked door, open the inventory and use the key to unlock it. You can now enter the Arsenal and look for the items required to craft the gunpowder and then blow up the fort door in Amnesia: Rebirth.

The items required to make gunpowder are:

Saltpeter: Remember the room where you found the radio, the saltpeter is located right above that room. It is inside the Quartermaster’s Stores. The room will be locked during the first visit; however, when you return, you will find the doors open for you. Simply enter the room and saltpeter will be awaiting you.

how to complete the tank puzzle in amnesia: rebirth

Milled Charcoal: Make your way down the hallway just beneath the gunpowder station. A spear trap is present there, so be careful. Get past to the trap and enter the room on the right side. The room has a stack of charcoal but in the form of rocks.

To mill the charcoal rock, place it inside the mill to your left. Now, turn the crank until the rock is milled and then collect the milled charcoal.

how to craft gunpowder in amnesia rebirth

Sulfur: Getting sulfur is again a complex process because you will get sulfur ointment and not sulfur. You will have to convert the ointment to proper sulfur before using it to make gunpowder and later blast the fort door.

First head to the murder room located at the end of the hallway. There will be a corpse in the room with a key in the hand. Take the key and go to the back gate. Use the key from inventory to open the back gate and then open the door. As soon as you open the door, run quickly to get cover as the door is rigged and will blow up in a few seconds. Once the door is blasted, enter the room to find a cabinet having the sulfur ointment for which you have worked so hard until now.

There is another, a little more time-consuming way if you don’t want to blow up the door, to enter the room. You can go to the back gate and step on a scaffolding there. From the scaffolding, you will have to take a long and dangerous jump to reach the back-entrance.

The way you choose to enter the room is not that important but getting the sulfur ointment is. Once you have the ointment, follow the below-mentioned step-by-step guide to convert it into sulfur. However, before getting to that, there is something else you need to know, especially if you have chosen the second way to get the sulfur ointment.

amnesia rebirth tank puzzle soultions guide

If you have chosen the first step to get the ointment, you can simply escape the cage room, but if not, here’s what you need to do. First, get to the back-right corner of the room. Next, pull the trap hook and then the pin to set off the grenade. Now, hide in a safe location to minimize the impact of the blow. This will open the door for you. If you can’t find a safer location and get hurt during the process, use the laudanum bottle from the cabinet to sort of healing yourself.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to convert sulfur ointment to sulfur.

  1. Once out of the cage room, head straight to the room where you found sulfur.
  2. Find a bowl-shaped device just to your right, alongside the blocked door.
  3. Light the candle present in the bottom compartment.
  4. Place the sulfur ointment on the device.
  5. Let the device heat up and boil the ointment.

how to convert sulfur ointment into sulfur

That’s it, this will give you the sulfur you were longing for. Collect the sulfur and proceed further with your task of blowing up the fort door in Amnesia: Rebirth. Now head back to the gunpowder station and mix all the three ingredients to craft gunpowder.

In the very same room is the bullet station. Put your gunpowder inside the empty shell to craft the explosive you need. Now, pull down the lever to seal up the shell.

How to Load Tank and Fire the Shell to Exit the Fortress in Amnesia: Rebirth

Once you have the freshly prepared shell, head back to the tank. Follow the same process you did earlier to latch back into the tank. There will be a total of three levers down there. To load shell in the tank find the lever that controls the breach. Pull down the handle and the breach will lower down and empty the previously used shell. Now, go to the inventory and put the new shell into the breach. Pull the handle again to rise the breach and load the tank.

how to fire shell from tank in amnesia: rebirth

Next, move the handle on the left to unlock the turret so that you can move it left or right to aim. Well, here comes the ending part. Simply, move the turret and view from the viewpoint to aim at the door and fire the shell. This will destroy the fort door in Amnesia: Rebirth, so that you can escape the fortress and join the other survivors. Once you are done with firing, exit the tank and walk past the destroyed fort door.

blow up fort door in amnesia: rebirth

That’s everything you need to know about the tank puzzle solution and how to blow up the fort door in Amnesia: Rebirth. Once the puzzle is complete and you are out of the fortress, ensure to save your game or you might end up losing everything that you have just achieved. There are other similarly complex puzzles throughout the game that you might need some help with. For instance, you will have to break the floor in the game to complete one of its puzzles.