How To Save In Amnesia: Rebirth

Find out how to save in Amnesia: Rebirth right here.

Knowing how to save in Amnesia: Rebirth is crucial because you don’t want to lose your progress in a horror game. It can be frustrating to deal with terrifying opponents or monsters due to being unsure about saving your game. But look no further, because we will explain how saving works right here.

Amnesia: Rebirth – How to Save your Game


The first horror-inducing thing about this game is that it does not let you manually save your game. But don’t be disheartened because there are checkpoints, plenty of them, that will help you in your journey. But if you are looking for ways to save manually, there isn’t one. It’s what Frictional Games have done before as well, so this isn’t surprising. There is a way around it though – you can save your game by exiting it. So, once you have paused the game, choose to Save and Exit on the pause menu. With this process, you can rest assured that you have saved your game and you can continue from the nearest checkpoint.

If something unfortunate happens in between like a power cut or your computer/game crashes, the auto save feature will be the savior. Do remember that you can load a save but only the previous 25 saves will be available. So, there is some chance to go back to something if you don’t like the current situation you are in. The developers have taken this decision to ensure that you are engrossed in the gameplay while feeling anxious about what’s to come – a necessary element in horror games.

This is what you need to know about how to save your game in Amnesia: Rebirth. You can explore multiple endings in this terrifying title and making save backups at important moments can come in handy for that. And for more such latest guides, stay with Gamer Tweak!