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Amnesia: Rebirth – How To Break The Floor In The Fortress

A guide on how to break the floor in the fort in Amnesia: Rebirth.

How to break the floor in Amnesia: Rebirth is one of the questions that will come to your mind during the fortress puzzle. There will be a radio room that you need to reach and if you’ve already completed the elevator part of the puzzle, the next is all about breaking the floor. The floor will be weak already so all you need to do is put some more weight on it. This is how you can make that happen.


How to Break the Weak Floor in Amnesia: Rebirth (Fort Puzzle)


You need to push a heavy object into that particular section. To help you out, there will be a cannon nearby. Your objective is to push the cannon into the weak floor, and creating a hole that you can jump into. Once you get to the cannon, you will know that it has only two wheels and you have to find the rest of the wheels. Look around and you will see that one wheel is near the cannon itself and the other one is in another room nearby with a lot of dead bodies. You have to pick those wheels one by one and attach them on the cannon.

After that, you have to push the cannon into the weak floor. That is how to break the floor in Amnesia: Rebirth easily. If you would like a detailed guide on this entire old fortress puzzle, here’s our article on how to reach the radio. In it, you will find the path you need to take (with pictures) and the objects you must pick up in order to get to the radio and talk to the Doctor. It is an interesting puzzle but can be a bit overwhelming if you are new to horror + puzzles genre. But don’t worry, this guide will help you out.

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