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Halo Infinite Campaign All High Value Target Locations On Map

Looking for the modified weapons that the Banished VIPs carry in Halo Infinite Campaign? This guide will help you find all High Value target locations on Map.

Having a powerful weapon is good but having extra abilities on it is better. And in Halo Infinite you can find such modified weapons as you play. But they won’t be just lying around for you to find them. You will have to beat the Banished VIPs and get it from them. And there are 15 such targets that can give you 15 modified weapons. So in this guide let us take a look at all High Value Target Map Locations in Halo Infinite Campaign and how to get the modified weapons.

All High Value target Map Locations in Halo Infinite

halo infinite campaign all high value targets locations on map

As mentioned above there are 15 high value targets aka Banished VIPs in Halo Infinite. They are spread across the region but you can find their exact locations in the above-given image on the map. Thanks to Map Genie for their Halo Infinite interactive map.

These are all the Targets, how you can find them, and the rewards they drop:

  • Inka ‘Saham: Go to the island north of the Outpost Tremonius to find Inka ‘Saham. Eliminate them and get the Rapid Fire Pulse Carbine.
  • Thav ‘Sebarim: You can find Thav ‘Sebarim towards the southeast of the Excavation Site. The reward for this fight is the Arcane Sentinel Beam.
  • Okro ‘Vagaduun: Go to the FOB Foxtrot and follow the coast southwards to find them. Eliminating Okro ‘Vagaduun rewards you with the Dualist Energy Sword.
  • Bipbap: Head north from the FOB Charlie and you will find Bipbap in an open field. This fight gives you the Calcine Disruptor.
  • Briglard: You can find Briglard south from the FOB Echo. Defeat them to get the Unbound Plasma pistol.
  • Barroth: Go to the FOB Kilo and head east to find Barroth. The fight rewards you with the Stalker Rifle Ultra.
  • Zeretus: You can find Zeretus on a hill, go to the FOB November, and head northwest. You get M41 Tracker after you defeat them.
  • Balkarus: Go to the FOB Charlie and head west and you can find Balkarus near a set of cliffs. You get Riven Mangler from this fight.
  • En ‘Geddon: Fast travel to the FOB Hotel and head west to find En ‘Geddon. This battle rewards you with the Rushdown Hammer.
  • Ik ‘Novus the Devourer: The nearest FOB to this target is the FOB Echo. Fast travel there and head west towards the mountains to find them. Beat Ik’Novus the Devourer to get the Volatile Skewer.
  • Arthoc: Fast travel to FOB November and head west to find Arthoc at the end of the lake. Defeat him to get the Ravager Rebound.
  • Writh Kul: Go to the FOB Hotel and head south to find Writh Kul on a hexagonal-like cliff. It is recommended to take a Wasp or Banshee to get there. Once you beat her you will get the Pinpoint Needler.
  • Skimmer Patrol: Fast travel to the FOB Juliet and north to find Skimmer Patrol in a cave. The reward for this battle is the Purging Shock Rifle.
  • Myriad: There are two ways to reach this target. You can either head south from FOB Juliet or go north from the FOB Kilo. Defeating Myriad grants you the Backdraft Cindershot.
  • Ordo ‘Mal: Fast Travel to FOB Hotel and head north. Defeat Ordo ‘Mal to get the Scatterbound heatwave.

There is no particular order that you need to follow when challenging them. But it is best if you find them while progressing with the story. That will ensure their difficulty matches your skill level. A tip to remember is to upgrade your gears, especially if you find these fights difficult, as that will help make these fights easier.

That sums up this guide on all High Value Target Map Locations in Halo Infinite Campaign. Since you are playing this game then be sure to check our other guides like best beginner’s tips and best gear upgrades in Halo Infinite as you might find them useful.