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God Of War Ragnarok: All Stats & How Do They Work? [Explained]

Here are all the Stats in God of War Ragnarok along with their uses.

Progressing your way through this sequel of Norse duology is not a piece of cake. You will come across various Gods with their unique strengths and abilities looking to decimate Kratos. Moreover, there are a bunch of new upgrades and other in-game elements added in God of War Ragnarok which is more than enough to make you sit on the edges of your chairs. Those who have played the prequel may know that there are certain Stats that determine the endurance & Resiliency of Kratos. Making specific upgrades in Weapons & Armor amplifies these Stats making Kratos stronger or weaker. Take a look at this guide to know all the Stats in GoW Ragnarok and how they work in detail.


How do Stats work in GoW Ragnarok? (All Stats)

All Stats & How Do They Work In God Of War Ragnarok

There are a total of 6 Stats in this game which can be tracked while making changes in Armor or upgrading Weapons. Each of the 6 Stats provides benefits in different aspects of Combat. Check out these Stats and their uses in GoW Ragnarok:

  • Strength – As the name suggests, this Stat increases the damage caused by Kratos to his opponents. Increasing this Stat will increase the damage output from every attack and skill Kratos possess.
  • Defence – The ability to resist damage is also an important part of combat. This Stat is all about the ability of Kratos to minimize the incoming damage from the enemies.
  • Runic (RNC) – Increasing this Stat in GoW Ragnarok will increase the damage caused by the Runic Attacks from the weapons. For your reference, here is all the Runic Attack’s Location in this game.
  • Vitality (VIT) – Leveling up this Stat will increase Kratos’s Health Bar in this game. Additionally, it also enhances Kratos’s resistance against being Stunned.
  • Luck (LCK) – This is one of the most helpful Stats in GoW Ragnarok. This is because an increase in Luck Stat will increase the chances of receiving more quality loot from the chests and enemy drops.
  • Cooldown (CLD) – This Stat is responsible for the duration of your Cooldown period while using special abilities. Upgrading this Stat will reduce the Cooldown period making Kratos use his abilities more often during combat.

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That’s all covered for all the Stats and their uses in God of War Ragnarok. You can gain more information related to this game through our GoW Ragnarok Wiki on Gamer Tweak.