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God Of War Ragnarok: All Status Effects & What They Do [Explained]

Here are all the Status Effects in God of War Ragnarok along with their uses.

God of War Ragnarok is worth the hype because of the Story and other in-game elements it delivers. It exceeds most of the other RPG games in terms of combat and narration. While developers made it possible to carry the past, present, and future of Kratos in one series, no wonder why it has a huge fanbase. As we all know, this game features Norse characters filled with Aesir magic. The battle we are about to enter is going to be a challenge with a difficulty level that will increase over time. To even things out, Kratos has been given some Status Effects in God of War Ragnarok. These buffs effects both the enemies and Kratos to somewhat extent. Wondering what Status Effects do in GoW Ragnarok? Read this guide till the end and know everything about it.


What Status Effects do in GoW Ragnarok? (All Status Effects)

All Status Effects & What They Do In God Of War Ragnarok

Here are all the Status Effects that one will unlock and use as the game progresses:

  • Hex – This Status Effect inflicts no damage on enemies. Instead, it acts as a boost to other Status Effects to gain more benefits from them.
  • Frost – When applied, this effect slows down the movement of the enemies. Moreover, if an enemy is slowed down due to this effect, Kratos can use Frost damage to Freeze them in no time. One can use the Hex Status Effect to buff the Frost effect to get an even stronger response.
  • Burn – The Burn effect causes damage over time in GoW Ragnarok. When buffed with the Hex effect, this effect stays on for a longer duration and causes more damage to the inflicted enemy.
  • Shock – This effect causes the enemy to get locked in a place. Also, keep in mind that using this effect on a hoard of enemies will give you more benefits. As an affected enemy can cause others standing next to him to get affected by this status effect too. The Shock Status Effect can be boosted by the Hex.
  • Poison – It lowers the Power level by 1 point for both Kratos and his enemies. However, Kratos is still strong enough to deal with them. Use Hex to get the most out of this Status Effect and clear out a bunch of enemies by making them weaker.
  • Daze – This Status Effect in GoW Ragnarok will cause the enemies to feel dizzy for a certain period. In the meantime, they won’t be able to move or perform any action.
  • Blind – It weakens the Visibility of the enemies making them unable to spot Kratos for a while. Applying Hex will make it last for a longer duration.
  • Sonic – As the name suggests, when this Status is in effect, an enemy will experience Sonic concussions.
  • Bifrost – It is an additional purple-colored layer of damage points on your Health Bar which heals over time. Although, when a second hit from an opponent will make the Bifrost detonate and cause Kratos some extra damage.

These are all the Status Effects and their uses in God of War Ragnarok. You can know more about this game and get a helping hand through our GoW Ragnarok Wiki on Gamer Tweak.