Lies Of P: All Phone Riddle Answers & Locations (Arlecchino)

Check out all the phone riddle answers in Lies P to grab the Trinity keys for unlocking the Trinity Sanctums.

If you are looking for all the Arlecchino’s Phone Riddle answers in Lies of P, it’s alright as it is the only way to get the Trinity keys. These keys unlock the triangle-marked door namely the Trinity Sanctums that are scattered in different locations. You can grab plenty of loot and rewards from these sealed sanctums. But the twist here is that you must solve these puzzles in chronological order as you get the keys. So, check out our guide to find out all Phone Riddle solutions and their locations in this game.

All Arlecchino’s Phone Riddle Answers in Lies of P

lies of p phone riddle answers

Here are all the Lies of P Phone Riddle answers and their locations:

Phone Riddle 1

Arlecchino’s first riddle is as follows:

By morning, it walks on feet numbering four. At mid-day just two, No less and no more. It walks on three feet when the evening arrives. And if you solve this then I’ll know you’re alive!

  • Answer: Human

You can find the first phone riddle near the bridge around the Workshop Union. Once you select the above answer, Arlecchino will reward you with a Trinity Key for unlocking the Trinity Sanctum. For that, you must head to the Sanctum at the Workshop Union Culvert.

Phone Riddle 2

I stand tall and proud when I’m young and bold. But I’m short and humble once I’ve gotten old. What am I?

  • Answer: Candle

Head to the central courtyard of the Malum district Stargazer to find this Phone Riddle. You will hear the phone ringing as soon as you head outside the courtyard.

Phone Riddle 3

Think about this, whatever it takes: What cannot be used before it breaks?

  • Answer: Egg

Before heading to this location, you must defeat the King of Puppets side-boss. You can find this boss located in Region VI at the Estelle Opera House. Once you beat this boss, head to the Malum district Town Hall and reach the Red Lobster Inn. From there, pass through and climb the ladders placed on your right. As you reach atop, pick up the ringing phone to solve another riddle posed by Arlecchino.

Phone Riddle 4

  • Answer: Ergo

For this Phone riddle’s location, head straight from the Krat Central Station Street Stargazer’s archway. Follow a linear path and then, take a left and a right turn. As you walk, trace the ringing telephone and pick it up.

Phone Riddle 5

  • Answer: Yes

Lastly, head to the Relic of Trismegistus entrance to find the Arlecchino’s final phone riddle. Once you reach there, you can find the fifth ringing telephone on top of the cliff ahead of the boss’s entrance.

That’s everything covered about all Phone Riddle answers in the Lies of P. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides to find out how to parry or block, the best combat style, and explore more Lies of P Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.