Lies of P Best Combat Style: Best Path for Beginners

Lies of P combat style will impact your overall gameplay, straight from the start of the game to later boss fights.

Combat Style in Lies of P is a way you choose to fight. Either you go heavy on enemies or hit with speed. There are three different combat styles in Lies of P and picking the right one matters. Selecting one of the three combat styles will also change the type of weapons you are going to get later in the game. And their usage also changes, so here is a guide to help you how to pick the perfect combat style in Lies of P.

Lies of P Best Combat Style Explained

Lies of P Combat Style

Lies of P has three combat styles, they are  Balance, Dexterity, and Strength. Each combat changes the way of attack and defense. It will also impact your movement speed and character stats.

Path of the Dexterity:

Dexterity Combat style focuses more on speed and comes with the highest Stamina in Lies of P. Your standard and power attacks will consume stamina and can slow you down in between the battle. If you hate that, then Dexterity is a good pick for beginners. You will be mostly using swords and close-range high-speed melee weapons.

  • HP – 262
  • Stamina – 132
  • Physical ATK – 99
  • Physical DEF – 74

Dexterity contributes towards speed but will eat your ATK and DEF which plays a vital role in a boss fight. You will have to dodge a lot to stay away from Boss’s combo attack, which can kill you in an instant. A lot of movement practice is required here. Focus on hitting enemies’ weak points while using Dexterity combat style in Lies of P.

Path of the Strength:

Strength Combat Style focuses on strong attacks. As usual, you will be using heavy weapons, which will make your move slow, but the impact will be the strongest. It becomes complicated to manage heavy attacks among enemies who are fast. To overcome that the Strenght combat style comes with the highest amount of HP.

  • HP – 323
  • Stamina – 96
  • Physical ATK – 123
  • Physical DEF – 80

The strength Combat style is best if you love playing defensive. It’s like dodging away from enemies hit and then attacking with full might.

Path of the Cricket Balance:

Balance Combat style offers balanced speed and power to the player. It is a mix of both Dexterity and Strength. So at a point, if you unlocked heavy weapons you can still use them along with light close-range melee weapons.

  • HP – 283
  • Stamina – 109
  • Physical ATK – 110
  • Physical DEF – 78

By picking balance you will start the following above stats. Where all attributes are balanced offering you decent HP and Stamina. HP is lower when it comes to Dexterity and Stamina is the lowest in Strength.

So the best combat style for everyone will be Balance, as it will bring in the power of both combat styles.  For more such guides do check our Lies of P guide section for more tips and tricks on the game.