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All Battle Intel Reports And Rewards – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Everything about Battle Intel Reports

Battle Intel Reports is a new kind of side quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. You can unlock a new side quest by visiting Chadley in Sector 7 Slums. Stranding near the Items Shop, Weymer and Chadely are two NPC you will interact after defeating the Scorpion Boss. Chadley is a kind of nerd who crafts new Materia. If you compete for the quest by him, you will unlock various new Materia’s which will add the unique ability to your weapon. So here is a list of all battle intel reports and the reward you will unlock after completing it.


FF7 Remake All Battle Intel Report

To access the Battle Intel Report quest meet Chadley after you are done with Tifa’s water filter objective. Chadley will not talk to you even if you find him before. Talk to Weymer first and then visit Chadely. This is where you will unlock the battle intel report quest where Chadely will ask you to complete certain objectives. These are battle intel report quest and features unique rewards.

Unlock Auto-Cure Materia – Monster Bio

For the first time, Chadley will ask you to assess some monsters in the slum. He will give you Assess Materia, use that and assess a few monsters. Return back to Chadely and you will unlock Auto-Cure Material in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Unlock Wind Materia – Magic Elements

Return to Chadley for the next Battle Intel Report Quest. The objective is to hit enemies vulnerable to fire, ice or lightning with the right magic. This will unlock Wind Materia in FF7 Remake.


Unlock Fire Strike Materia – Stagger Effect

For this quest, you will have to stagger the monsters first and then use unique abilities to refill the ATB Gauge. Repeat this for at least 10 times to complete the Quest and unlock Fire Strike Materia in FF7 Remake.

Unlock ATB Boost Materia – Stagger Effect

To complete this quest and unlock the ATB Boost Materia in FF7 Remake stagger 15 different types of enemies in the game. Now this will take a little time, so once you get the quest to continue playing the main story. You will encounter a different type of enemies, where you have to remember to stagger them for the completion of this objective. The materia doubles the amount of ATB when activated.


Unlock Shiva Materia – Defeat Shiva

In Combat Simulation Mission Defeat Shiva and you will unlock the Shiva Materia. Shiva Materia is used to summon the lady of frost, an ideal companion during the battle. You will have to defeat this entity in Combat Simulation.

Unlock Steadfast Block Materia – Monster Bio

This one is simple, just asses around 10 different enemy times and you can unlock the Steadfast Block Materia. Just visit Chadely for the quest details and return to him to unlock the reward.


Unlock Steal Materia – Magic Elements

This quest requires you to exploit weaknesses of 15 different types of enemies, by doing this you will unlock the Steal Materia.

Unlock Provoke Materia – Manipulation Technique

Just defeat around 2 or more enemies to complete this battle intel report in FF7 Remake. By doing this you will simply unlock Provoke Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Look for the Manipulation Technique Battle Intel Report quest.

Unlock Synergy Materia – Monster Variants

In Monster Variant Battle Intel Report quest you will unlock the Synergy Materia by defeating around three different monsters. So here the quest is not that complicated and can be completed easily by finding unique monsters in the game.

Unlock Fat Chocobo Materia – Fat Chocobo

Play Combat Simulation to defeat the Fat Chocobo. By completing this quest in FF7 Remake you will unlock Fat Chocobo Materia.

Unlock Item Master Materia – Master Bio

One of the Monster BIo Battle Intel Report Quest, for this you will have to assess around 20 enemy types in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Just complete this objective and return to Chadley to unlock Item Master Materia in FF7 Remake.

Unlock Parry Materia – Stagger Effect

In one of the Stagger Effect Battle Intel Report Quest in FF7 Remake, you will unlock the Parry Materia. For this, you will have to increase the stagger damage bonus to 200%.

Unlock ATB Assist Materia – Refocus Analysis

ATB Assist Materia is a reward that unlocks in Refocus Analysis Quest. The objective is to trigger refocus two times in the battle and you will get this reward.

Unlock Stagger Effect Materia – Stagger Effect

In a different Stagger Effect Battle Intel Report quest you will unlock ATB Stagger Materia by staggering around 40 enemy types. This can be a little time consuming, but unlock this quest and continue with the story. As usual, you will encounter a different type of enemies on your way.

Unlock Leviathan Materia – Defeat Leviathan

In Combat Simulation defeat the Leviathan to unlock Leviathan Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. You can then induce this materia with your weapon and summon the creature to support you in the battle.

Unlock Enemy Skill Materia – Monster Bio

In one of the Monster Bio Battle, Intel Report quest you will have to assess around 30 different enemy types. By completing this objective you will unlock Enemy Skill Materia.

Unlock Skill Master Materia – Weapon Abilities

In the Weapon Abilities Battle Intel Report quest you will have to acquire 16 weapon abilities. By doing this you will unlock Skill Mater Materia in FF7 Remake.

Unlock MP Absorption Materia –  Monster Variants

In MP Consumption Battle Intel Report Quest, you will have to master all 12 types of Magic Materia. Completing this objective will unlock MP Absorption materia in FF7 Remake.

Unlock HP Absorption Materia – Defeat Bahamut

During one of the Monster Variant Battle Intel Report quest, you will have to defeat 10 different monsters, to unlock the HP Absorption Materia.

By completing various others  Battle Intel Report Quest you will unlock a variety of Materia. All of these will offer unique abilities to deal with various enemies and monsters in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.