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How to Refill ATB Gauge In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

ATB Gauge allows you to use abilities, magic or consumables.

ATB Guage is displayed on the bottom right of screen below Cloud’s HP bar. It is divided into two sections, and when it is full you are allowed to use Abilities, Spells and Items from Command Menu. Othewise it will be disabled. In this Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide, you can read tips on how to refill ATB Gauge and how to use abilities or spells.

How to Fill ATB Gauge Fast?


ATB Gauge is filled with time in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. During the battle when you attack enemies a small amount of ATB Gauge is refilled.

But to fill it fast stagger the enemies first. Attacking staggered foes will instantly refill ATB Gauge allowing you to use more Abilities and Spells on them. It reduces the time of defeating enemies. Staggering Foes is a key element in wining battles in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Also plays a big role in filling your ATB Gauge which unlocks the Abilities, Spells and Items section.

How to Stagger Enemies in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?


Keep on attacking a enemy like a Sweeper or a boss like Scorpion Sentinel by pressing Square. You can switch to Punisher Mode in between to cause high damage. Only after dealing a high amount of damage will stagger enemies. The same is limited to certain attacks only. Staggering enemies is knocking them down for few seconds. They will be immobile, and a Pressured bar will appear beneath them.

The enemy will not move until the bar empties, and it will be back in action. So to stagger a enemy keep attacking or use certain type attacks like:

  • Sweeper: Attack with Magic to stagger the Sweeper.
  • Scorpion Sentinal: Attack with Lightning Magic.


Staggered enemies are completely defenseless and take more damage. Use Abilities on staggered enemies to instantly refill your ATB and destroy a big chuck of health. This is the best time to boost ATB and keep using Abilities multiple time.