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How to Unlock Auto-Cure Materia In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

From Chadley's Secret Research, a Materia auto-cures during battle

Do you want to unlock a unique Auto-cure Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Then here is a detailed guide. Part of Chadley’s Secret Project, this Auto-Cure Materia is extremely easy to unlock. All you need is to assess some monsters scavenging around the slum. Chadley is an NPC who will offer you a quest to gather Intel reports. Using data from the reports he will reward you with new Materia, you can buy them from Vendors. Infusing Materia on your weapon provides a unique ability. For example, the Chakra Materia that restores restore 20 HP of overall damage taken. Adding these types of Materia gives you an additional boost especially when you are dealing with bosses.

How to unlock Auto-Cure Materia?

You will meet Tifa in Sector 7 Slums for the first time. She will take you around the Residential Area for small objectives. This unlocks Weapon Vendors Shop from where you can purchase Materia, Items, and Weapons. After Tifa joins your party you will fight with some creatures in the Slum Area. She will take you to the Weapon Vendor who is not happy with her service. He will reward Cloud with Iron Blade Sword.

Outside his shop on the left, you will find Weymer and Chadley. If you visit him before he will not talk to you. Talk to Weymer first and then interact with Chadely. He will give you an Assess Materia, infuse that on your sword to gather intel.

  • Go to Upgrade Weapon from Main Menu
  • Then select the Materia Tab. There are two slots, select the second one and add Assess Materia

Go to Scrap Boulevard to find a few creatures, first fight with few to fill your ATB Gauge. Then before killing them, press X for Command Menu > Abilities > Assess and mark one. Choosing Assess will help you to gather intel about the monsters. You can learn about rewards, items, rare items, and stealable items upon their death. Also, you can learn about their weaknesses.

Assess Materia Stats:

  • Cost – 1000 Gil
  • Level 1 Upgrade – Use Assess on Single Taret
  • Level 2 Upgrade – Use Assess on all target

So here Assess Materia when induces to a weapon will help you to gather important data about various creatures and monsters. Target three different types of creatures to gather enough Intel and return to Chadely. You will see an instant return point after a quest is over to return to the NPC without wasting time. Click Yes after seeing Return to Chadley’s message on the screen.

He will give you Auto-Cure Materia. This will unlock various other Chadley’s quests that will help you to unlock new kinds of Materia’s. Auto-Cure Materia comes with two levels of upgrades

How Auto-Cure Materia works?

Auto-Cure Materia can help you to heal your allies in the battle. It can heal severely injured allies, at Level 1 you can heal allies three times. At Level 2 you heal your friends around 10 times during the fight. Equip this Materia to your weapon and use it as a healing source. The Materia will be unusable if there is enough ATB Charge and MP or if you are controlling the player. The cost of Auto-Cure Materia is 100 Gil.

So this is how you can unlock Auto-Cure Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.