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How to Unlock Chakra Materia In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

An awesome Materia that restores a amount of HP on each Damage you take.

Chakra Materia In Final Fantasy 7 Remake is different compared to other Materia you will find. Like Ice Materia or Fire Materia. Chakra Materia owns a unique property of healing on every damage you take in the game. This is why Chakra Matera is kind of an important one to unlock. One good thing about this item is that it is unmissable. Without a doubt you will not get it at the beginning of the game. There is a dedicated NPC who is assigned for Materia job, completing his quest will unlock new kinds of powers for you. So let’s begin with the guide on where to find Chakra Materia in FF7 Remake?


How to unlock Chakra Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

To unlock Chakra Materia you will have to enter Sector 7 Slums. That is possible only after destroying the first Mako Reactor which involves the first boss fight with Scorpion Sentinal. You will find Tifa in the bar who will take you around the Residential region and here you will do the various task. After completing the Water Filter objective, Tifa will tell you about the neighborhood watch party.

This is when Tifa joins your group and will be an active player in the game. During battle, you can switch between Tifa and Cloud. Chakra Materia is unlocked right after that, thankfully you don’t have to buy it, just help Tifa.

Go to the game Menu and then and enter the Upgrade Weapon section. Select the character and go down for Materia Column. You will see the Chakra Materia on the list. Below are the properties of Chakra Materia, you can induce it on any current weapon between the available characters.


How to Level Up Chakra Materia?

There are five levels of upgrade for Chakra Material, each level will raise its power. To level up Materia you will have to earn AP points. Like to unlock new Weapon Ability you will need Skill Points, in a similar way to upgrade Materia you will need Ability Points.  Killing certain enemies reward AP points, like the creatures in the Sector Slum region.

  • Level 1 – Restores 20% HP of damage taken
  • Level 2 – Restores 25% HP of damage taken
  • Level 3 – Restores 30% HP of damage taken
  • Level 4 – Restores 35% HP of damage taken
  • Level 5 – Restores 40% HP of damage taken

With every upgrade the material capacity to restore HP increases. You will unlock more Materia site as you upgrade your weapon stats.