What Is AFK Timer In Helldivers 2 And Why Did They Remove It?

Worried about not getting a spot in the game because of some players that are AFK in Helldivers 2? Well, the game implemented a timer to take care of that.

As fun as fighting the Terminids or Automatons is, the one issue that players have with the game since its launch is server issues. So it is understandable that the ones who are finally able to get into the game wouldn’t want to leave when they have a few things to take care of. But that also means other players won’t be able to join the game if the servers are full. That is why Helldivers 2 added a 15-minute AFK Timer with the patch 1.000.11 of the game. But if you try going AFK you will notice you aren’t back on the title screen. Well, it seems they have removed it and here is a good reason for that.

What is AFK Timer in Helldivers 2 and How it Works

What Is AFK Timer In Helldivers 2
Image Credits: Arrowhead Game Studios. Helldivers 2 Patch notes on AFK Timer and being kicked for staying idle.

AFK Timer as the name suggests is a timer in Helldivers 2 that tracks your time since joining and how long you are AFK or idle. If you haven’t played for the next 15 minutes after you join it will disconnect you and send you back to the title screen. That is the main purpose of it. However, this timer was buggy, and many players found out if you go AFK and return to the title screen 2 or 3 times, it sometimes causes the Infinite Stratagem glitch. As such you can use your Stratagems repeatedly.

Did Helldivers 2 Remove the AFK Timer?

Yes, apparently as per several Reddit posts, it seems that developers have removed this feature from the game. You can check some examples of such posts here like user u/Ghost1257 saying that they left their computer for an hour and still were connected. This isn’t just the case on PC, user u/Minimum_Bobcat_6104 claims similar happened to them on their PlayStation.

So while the developers haven’t officially confirmed it in some patch notes or via a post it may have been removed. But even if it has been removed they can always add it back after they fix and patch the Unlimited Stratagem issue.

That is all for the AFK Timer in Helldivers 2 and how it works. Since you like playing this game also check out why Major Order is not progressing.