Honkai Star Rail: Adventurous Moles Complete Guide

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There are a bunch of troublesome kids that you can find in the Underworld of Jarilo-VI. But if you do want to get to know them better, then there are a number of side quests where you get to interact with them. And the Adventurous Moles in Honkai Star Rail happens to be one that many players need help in completing. This is because the game doesn’t tell you much about what needs to be done here. So if you are looking to unlock or complete this quest, then keep reading to get all your answers.

How to Unlock Adventurous Moles in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Adventurous Moles Quest Guide and Treasure Locations
Image Credits: Kibbles Gaming on YouTube

The Adventurous Moles is a side quest that you unlock by completing the first two quests in Hook’s Companion Mission. These become available after you finish Old Foreman’s Treasure questline and defeat Cocolia. You have to talk to Julian to get this quest.

  1. Go to the Clinic Space Anchor.
  2. Head southeast to find Julian.
  3. Talk to him.

The quest will now start.

What to do in Adventurous Moles quest?

adventurous moles quest guide for honkai star rail
Image Credits: Kibbles Gaming on YouTube

As Trailblazer, your task will be to find missing pages from a book known as the “Adventurous Moles”.

  1. Talk to Julian and head for the Great Mine. You will find your first missing page here.
  2. Take the paper and go back to Julian.
  3. He will then give you 3 different locations where you can find the rest of the papers. These locations are:
    • Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone
    • Rivet Town
    • Backwater Pass
  4. You can check out precisely where to find them in their treasure locations below.
  5. Follow the instructions given in the pages and solve them to get treasures in these locations.
  6. After collecting all the pages go back and talk to Julian.
  7. He will suggest you give them to a publisher.
  8. Fast travel to the Central Plaza in Administrative District.
  9. Talk to Nika and hand over the Adventurous Moles pages to her.

You will now complete the quest.

Great Mine

great mine hsr
Image Credits: HoYoLAB Star Rail Interactive map

Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone

silvermane guard restricted zone
Image Credits: HoYoLAB Star Rail Interactive map

Rivet Town

rivet town hsr
Image Credits: HoYoLAB Star Rail Interactive map

Backwater Pass

backwater pass hsr
Image Credits: HoYoLAB Star Rail Interactive map

Adventurous Moles Quest Rewards in HSR

Upon completing this quest you will get:

  • Trailblaze EXP: 100
  • Stellar Jade: 30
  • Shield: 100
  • Sparse Aether: 6
  • Credit: 6000

That is all you needed to do for this side quest. For more help with Honkai Star Rail check out our best builds for Herta, Seele, and Bailu.

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