Party Animals Achievements Guide

There are 93 Achievements in Party Animals that can be unlocked through certain challenging tasks. Here's our guide that will help you through it.

There are plenty of Achievements in Party Animals and if you are a completionist like me, then you would want to bag them all. Recreate Games (the developers), has added several challenging tasks that serve as a prerequisite for unlocking these milestones. That’s why, we have lined up all the Trophies or Badges along with the steps to unlock them in our Achievements Guide. Scroll down below to get started.

Party Animals Achievements List

So far, there are 93 Achievements in Party Animals that can be unlocked by performing certain tasks, unlocking outfits, etc. For your reference, below is the complete list of it:

Achievements How to Get
Welcome To The Party Finish the Tutorial
Sportsmanship Knock out 1 player during the podium moment
First Strike Win 1 match in the Quick Match
Yo Man Get 1 friend
Outfit Unlocked: 20 Collect over 20 Outfits
I Have A Friend Party up and complete 1 Quick Match with friends
Who Did That Throw item and knock out 5 opponents as spectator (require more than 6 human players when game ends)
Currahee Party up and win 1 Quick Match with friends
Avatar Master Unlock 15 avatars
Arthur’s Dream In Blackhole Lab, knock out 1 opponent while floating in the air (Quick Match)
Give Me Five Party up and complete 10 Quick Matches with friends
Fashionista Collect over 30 Outfits
Animal Unlock: 20 Unlock 20 Characters
10 Quick Match Wins Win 10 matches in the Quick Match
Dog Behind The Door In Wind Tunnel, survive over 45 seconds without been blown by the wind (Quick Match)
Case Closed In Typhoon, eliminate one opponent by throwing it into the missile hatch (Quick Match)
Immortal Kombat In Into The Game, knock out opponent playing arcade 3 times in one game (Quick Match)
Tarzan In Beat-Up Bridge, survive over 20 seconds after main rope break up and win the round (Quick Match)
Punch In Complete 4 weekly challenges in a week
Piece of Cake Win Last Stand Quick Match in exactly 3 rounds
Still Waters In Gator Valley, win one round before the 3rd wave (Quick Match)
Perfect Guard In Beast Hockey, parry the hockey with a shield for 3 times (Quick Match)
Band Of Brothers Party up and win 10 Quick Matches with friends
Ball Weapon In Beast Football, long pass and knock out opponent (Quick Match)
Sayonara In Ichiban, eliminate one opponent by hitting it off the field (Quick Match)
Dutch’s Plan In Fluffy Redemption, expierence a team wiped out (Quick Match)
The Vortigaunts In Blackhole Lab, survive from the 4th black hole without using the chain (Quick Match)
My Rules Complete 1 Custom Game with modified settings
Reservoir Dogs In Gator Valley, win one round while in the water with teammate (Quick Match)
Hot Shot Win 5 consecutive matches in Quick Match
Who’s Laughing Now At the moment of taking pictures, be the only one who is not been knocked out
Run Forrest Run In Beast Football, touchdown within 15 second (Quick Match)
I’m Back In Lollipop Factory, climb out of the submission gate (Quick Match)
Match Point Win Last Stand Quick Match in exactly 9 rounds
The Dream Team Party up and win 5 consecutive Quick Matches with friends
Nemo For Speed Earn a 3-star rating in the Tutorial
OHHHHHH Win 1 Quick Match without been knocked out
Friends Get 10 friends
Bowling Alley Cat In Beast Hockey, hit the hockey and knock out over 2 players and score (Quick Match)
Roy Makaay In Beast Soccer, goal within 10 seconds (Quick Match)
The Mighty Ducks In Beast Hockey, win 5 Quick Matches
Twice The Fun Complete 2 Custom Games with multiple local players
Willy Wonka In Lollipop Factory, win 5 Quick Matches
Hooray! The Earth’s Strongest Animal In Ichiban, win 5 Quick Matches
L’arrivée d’un train In Fluffy Redemption, win 5 Quick Matches
Thunderbolt In Buzz Ball, win 5 Quick Matches
Mission: Impossible In Blackhole Lab, win the round before the 2nd black hole generates (Quick Match)
Total War In Trebuchet, win 5 Quick Matches
Super Bowl In Beast Football, win 5 Quick Matches
G-Man In Blackhole Lab, win 5 Quick Matches
Less is More In Lollipop Factory, win the game by only submitting little gummies (Quick Match)
Balloon Runner In Safely Afloat, score in 30 seconds from the start of the game (Quick Match)
Justice Rains From Above In Ichiban, jump down from one of the pillars in the middle and knock out any player (Quick Match)
Patte d’Or In Beast Soccer, win 5 Quick Matches
Wreck-It Ralph In Wind Tunnel, survive after all levers were broken (Quick Match)
Hat Trick In Beast Soccer, score 3 goals in one game (Quick Match)
Die Hard In Broken Arrow, win 5 Quick Matches
Ready Player One In Into The Game, win 5 Quick Matches
Navy OTTERs In Typhoon, win 5 Quick Matches
Ice Dog In Ice Breaker, win 5 Quick Matches
Working Dog In Fluffy Redemption, throw 10 coal pieces into the firebox without been eliminated (Quick Match)
Up In Safely Afloat, grab a balloon and float in the air over 60 seconds in one game (Quick Match)
Not Like Pat Roach In Broken Arrow, grab one propeller and spin at least one lap then survive (Quick Match)
Level 50 Reach Animal Level 50
Man vs. Wild In Winter Is Coming, fall into the hole in the frozen lake and get back to one bonfire (Quick Match)
Mine Cart Carnage In Safely Afloat, push the mine cart off the cliff (Quick Match)
Airline VIP In Trebuchet, ride in launched trebuchet 10 times in one game (Quick Match)
Waterloo Bridge In Beat-Up Bridge, win 5 Quick Matches
Dog In The Wind In Wind Tunnel, win 5 Quick Matches
Escape the Gator In Gator Valley, win 5 Quick Matches
Fight Everywhere Win 20 Custom Games in different maps (require more than 6 human players when game ends)
Fly Me To The Moon In Safely Afloat, win 5 Quick Matches
Chill In The Wind In Wind Tunnel, win one game without grabbing levers and gates (Quick Match)
666 In Buzz Ball, score all the points on your own for your team and win (Quick Match)
Fireworks In Typhoon, grab missile for at least one second for 3 times (Quick Match)
The Hurt Locker In Trebuchet, defuse incoming barrel bombs 10 times in one game (Quick Match)
Ice Block In Ichiban, freeze yourself from being eliminated by the mist and win the round (Quick Match)
Survivor In Winter Is Coming, win 5 Quick Matches
Jack And Rose In Ice Breaker, survive with your teammate to the end of the game (Quick Match)
Hot Dog In Winter Is Coming, win the game without been frozen (Quick Match)
Shock Damage In Buzz Ball, trigger the buzz ball blast 10 times in one game (Quick Match)
Level 100 Reach Animal Level 100
Smooth Operator In Ice Breaker, win one Quick Match without falling into the water (Quick Match)
The Klaw In Buzz Ball, score during the last 10 seconds at the 11th round (Quick Match)
Touch Down In Broken Arrow, survive over 2 min 30 sec in one round (Quick Match)
Peace Elite In Beat-Up Bridge, win one game without hitting anyone else (Quick Match)
Gold Rusher In Into The Game, score 50 coins on your own in one game and win (Quick Match)
Diamond Merchant In Into The Game, score 20 diamonds on your own in one game and win (Quick Match)
Superdry In Typhoon, win the game without falling into the water (Quick Match)
Biofuels In Fluffy Redemption, throw opponents into the firebox 10 times in one game (Quick Match)
Surfer Dogs In Gator Valley, win the game with teammate without falling off the floating bridge (Quick Match)
Keep On Keeping On Complete all weekly challenges during consecutive 3 weeks
Platinum Animal Unlock 92 achievements

The above Party Animals Achievements are not that hard to get if you have mastered the controls. Just for you, we have covered guides that can help you to Throw, Climb, and Swim easily.

Party Animals Achievement Guide

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