How To Throw In Party Animals (Xbox & PC Controls)

Here are the controls for grabbing and throwing enemies, etc. in Party Animals. Also, check out for some tips and tricks for a better throw.

Many players are unable to figure out the controls to Throw in Party Animals. There’s no one to blame as it’s really difficult to move in this wibbly wobbly game. But for those who want to toss objects and players into the abyss, it’s important to learn the right controls. To help you through it, we will be mentioning the PC & Xbox Controls to Grab and Throw enemies & other stuff in Party Animals. Also, stick to the end for some tips for a better toss.

How to Grab & Throw in Party Animals

There are different keybinds for performing a throw on the keyboard and a controller. Check out below to know the controls for both the setups:

  • On PC (Keyboard + Mouse): Hold left-click (or I) to grab and press right-click (or J) to throw
  • On Xbox (Controller): Hold RT to grab and press X to throw

Party Animals Controls to Throw

To toss opponents far, you can hold the throw button for a charge and then release it. Moreover, keep in mind that you don’t have to hold down the grab button if it’s a weapon.

Tips & Tricks for a Better Throw in Party Animals

  • Unlike still objects, you will have a hard time grabbing moving opponents. That’s why, it’s always best to target players who are knocked down. However, you need to be quick because your enemy won’t be lying on the ground forever.
  • I would suggest you grab and toss an opponent only when you are close to a cliff. Because then, you won’t have to wait and charge up the throw for long. In addition, it would be better if there’s no fence to the boundaries. There’s always a chance that your rival animal will bounce back from the fence.

How To Throw In Party Animals

  • Before entering the match, make sure to polish your skills in practice mode. Once you have adapted the controls for throwing someone or something in Party Animals, things will get much easier for you. There’s a lot you can learn or invent once you get used to the controls. So make sure to practice or grind in matches to boost your toss and cause more damage.

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That covers everything on how to Grab and Throw in Party Animals. Besides this, do you know how to earn Nemo Bucks and Cookies? If you don’t then make sure to check out our guide on it. For more such content, feel free to browse through our dedicated section for Party Animals Guides at Gamer Tweak.

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