How To Get Nemo Bucks And Cookies In Party Animals

Want to know how to earn Nemo Bucks and Cookies in Party Animals? Check out our guide to know about it.

Nemo Bucks & Cookies are the two types of currencies used in Party Animals. Players can use them to make microtransactions from the Item Shop. At some point in the game, you will run out of these currencies. In such instances, you must know how can you earn more Nemo Bucks and Cookies. Aside from purchasing them using real money, you can perform some in-game tasks to get them. Scroll down below to know how.

How to Earn Nemo Bucks and Cookies in Party Animals

The simplest way to get Nemo Bucks and Cookies is by leveling up in-game. Leveling up each time will earn you rewards like these 2 currencies. To level up fast, you can complete weekly challenges, get more knockouts, and win more matches. Also, if you have plenty of Nemo Bucks, then you can convert them into Cookies too. For that, follow these steps:

  • While on the main menu screen, click on the Cookies icon at the bottom.
  • Next, use the Exchange button to decide the amount of Cookies you want in exchange for the Nemo Bucks.
How To Get Nemo Bucks And Cookies In Party Animals
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  • After that, you can select the Top Up button to confirm the conversion.

That’s all you can do to earn Nemo Bucks and Cookies for free in Party Animals.

How Many Nemo Bucks & Cookies Can Be Earned?

While leveling up, you can earn 5,600 Nemo Bucks up to level 100. And for the Cookies, you can get 66,500 Cookies till you reach level 100. After hitting level 100, you will receive 3,000 Cookies each time you rank up a level. For your reference, here are all the levels on which you will be rewarded with Nemo Bucks and Cookies in Party Animals:

Level Reward
4 1,500 Cookies
7 1,500 Cookies
8 200 Nemo Bucks
11 1,500 Cookies
13 200 Nemo Bucks
14 1,500 Cookies
17 1,500 Cookies
20 1,500 Cookies
21 400 Nemo Bucks
24 1,500 Cookies
25 200 Nemo Bucks
27 1,500 Cookies
30 1,500 Cookies
32 200 Nemo Bucks
33 1,500 Cookies
36 1,500 Cookies
38 400 Nemo Bucks
39 1,500 Cookies
42 1,500 Cookies
44 200 Nemo Bucks
45 1,500 Cookies
47 1,500 Cookies
50 1,500 Cookies
53 2,500 Cookies
54 200 Nemo Bucks
55 2,500 Cookies
58 600 Nemo Bucks
59 2,500 Cookies
61 200 Nemo Bucks
62 2,500 Cookies
65 2,500 Cookies
67 200 Nemo Bucks
68 2,500 Cookies
71 2,500 Cookies
73 2,500 Cookies
74 600 Nemo Bucks
78 2,500 Cookies
80 2,500 Cookies
81 200 Nemo Bucks
84 2,500 Cookies
86 2,500 Cookies
87 200 Nemo Bucks
89 2,500 Cookies
92 5000 Cookies
93 600 Nemo Bucks
97 5000 Cookies
99 1000 Nemo Bucks

If you want to skip the grind and earn rewards directly, then I suggest you check out the Party Animals Codes guide. Wherein, we have mentioned all the redeemable codes for you.

That’s all you can do to earn Nemo Bucks and Cookies in Party Animals. For more such content, be sure to check out our other Video Game Guides. We have plenty of entertaining and helpful guides for you there.