AC Valhalla Most OP Build: How To Make The Most Overpowered Character

Build the most powerful character in AC Valhalla.

Aiming just to make Eivor a great Viking with the best of combat skills is not enough, you need to aim for making your character unstoppable. That’s exactly what we are here for. This Assassin’s Creed Valhalla most OP build is a walkthrough guide that will help you make the most overpowered character in AC Valhalla.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Most OP Build Guide

Building up an overpowered character in AC Valhalla requires you to analyze multiple aspects of combat. We will go through each and every aspect. Consider all these as the tips to make the most OP build.

Use a Complete Gear Set

There are multiple best armor sets in AC Valhalla that you can choose from. Each of these sets has five pieces. You need to collect all these five pieces to complete the set. However, you can also opt to use them individually. But we would recommend using a complete set. Wearing a complete gear set gives you an added bonus that you won’t get by wearing 3/5 or even 4/5 pieces of a set.

Some of the best armor sets to head for are the Raven Clan, Bear (Brigandine Armor), Huldufolk, and Thegn armor sets. It is also important to upgrade these armor pieces by interacting with Gunnar to actually build the most overpowered character in AC Valhalla. You will be able to access Gunnar after establishing a settlement.

Collect all Books of Knowledge

Similar to the gear sets, there are multiple Books of Knowledge in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. These books provide abilities to Eivor. There are around 18 to 20 abilities, but you can only equip 8 of them (4 melees and 4 ranged) at once. Hence, you need to choose wisely which abilities will complement your game style and select them accordingly.

how to make the most overpowered character in assassin's creed valhalla

Prefer Light Weight Weapons

Heavy weapons are not always great, you should also consider light weapons. For instance, Sarcophagus Shield is the best guard in the game, but it is too heavy. It makes Eivor slow and consumes a great amount of stamina on using. Preferring the lighter weapons and shields will make Eivor quicker, thereby allowing the character to make more swings in less time.

Collect Everything From all Regions

Every region in the AC Valhalla map has many wealth, mysteries, artifacts, and other collectibles. Collecting all these items before heading to other regions will ensure that your power level is way ahead of the required level of the next region you are heading to. It is not necessary to collect all the items in the beginning. You can first finish the main questline and then focus on collectibles.

Start a Feast for a Boost

There is a unique aspect of throwing a feast in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It is evident that a feast is a great way to relax after a brutal battle, but in AC Valhalla, it has something more to it. Starting a feast will give you some feast buffs that will last for a specific time. You can use this to your advantage to create the most overpowered character in AC Valhalla. It will only take up some silver coins to throw a feast, and you can use the perks it provides for your next quest or battle

To start a feast all you need to do is reach Settlement Level 4 and then ring the bell in front of the Long House. You can see the buffs you get before starting a feast. Prepare a strategy according to the buffs and conquer all the clans easily.

AC Valhalla Most OP Build

Choose The Right Weaponry

While playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will have to defeat several enemies and even legendary animals. Tricks to defeat all these enemies vary largely. Some can be easily defeated while staying close and using melee weapons, while you might need to maintain some distance to defeat some others. Hence, it is important that not only you choose the right set of weaponry but also learn how to use each type of weapon and shield. This will help you take down any enemy and even armies easily without breaking a sweat.

Don’t Stock up on Runes

You might find runes precious, but keeping them in your inventory is just a waste and nothing else. You can easily use runes on different gears and weapons to increase their stats almost twice. It is very easy to earn runes. All you need to do is keep exploring and progressing in the game. You can open chests, kill enemies, and visit vendors to easily collect a huge amount of runes. Aim for collecting some diamond-shaped runes as they are the best and rarest ones. Using these diamond-shaped runes will significantly enhance the stats of your best weapons and armor sets.

Head for The Low-Level Areas

Raiding and clearing a red zone can get you numerous lucrative rewards, but act smartly if you want to make the most overpowered character in AC Valhalla. Hence, head for the low level green or white zones. Clearing these zones will be easy for you. Following this tip will help you unlock some abilities and weapon/armor sets available in low-level areas, and use them while clearing a red zone area. Also, you can practice new moves and combinations of weapons in these low-level areas and use them in more dangerous areas.

assassin's creed valhalla most op build

Know The Skills Tree

Every skill in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla unlocks a new and unique move that Eivor can use during combat. But instead of randomly choosing any skill, it is essential to know the entire skills tree. This will help you decide which skills you should pick depending on your game style. Once you have decided, all you need to do is earn skill points, which is easy by the way, and unlock the skills you want Eivor to have.

If you have already used some skill points but don’t want to use those skills, you can respec the skill tree to get back your hard-earned skill points.

Spend Silver to Upgrade

You can easily earn unlimited silver in AC Valhalla. Hence, stocking up on silver will do no good. Instead, spend it to upgrade weapons and armor. The upgrades might cost you a lot, but then you can earn as much silver as you want. So this shouldn’t be much to think about. Simply head on to the blacksmith locations and spend some silver to get upgraded weapons and armor sets.

That’s the end of our AC Valhalla OP build guide. We hope this will help you easily build the most overpowered character in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and conquer all the clans. While here, ensure visiting our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wiki Page. The Wiki page enlists every tip and trick that can help you progress quickly in the game.