How to Get Bear Armor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (Brigandine Armor)

Strong Armor + Melee Damage Boost. Grab all the five pieces here.

There are many armors in Assassins Creed Valhalla. Bear Armor or Brigandine Armor is one that you can unlock early in the game. If you are able to collect all the five pieces of Bear Armor your health will deplete slowly. Also, the armor amplifies melee damage. Bear Armor is good for beginners and it can be unlocked early in the game. You will need a powerful armor to survive various battles, this is where the Bear Armor fits well. In this article, I am going to help you with finding all the five pieces of Bear Armor. Grab them all and enjoy the passive bonus of additional health and melee damage.

AC Valhalla Brigandine Armor Location: Collect all 5 Pieces

  1. Brigandine Helm
  2. Brigandine Cape
  3. Brigandine Armor
  4. Brigandine Gauntlet
  5. Brigandine Trouser

To find all pieces of bear armor you will have to travel to different regions. It is necessary to unlock the fast travel points first. Some regions have high-level targets, it is best to stay quiet and avoid direct combat with any enemies.

Brigandine Helm – Bear Armor Helmet Location

AC Valhalla Bear Armor Helmet Location

  • Location: Sciropescire
  • Suggested Power: 130
  • Nearest Fast Travel Point: Hill Gate Remnants

Go to Wenlocan Output in Sciropescire. It is on the west of Dudmastun Lake. Find the entrance to the cave, stop near the bonfire. Passage to the chest with a helmet is on the left. To unlock the passage pull the huge rock and pass through the crack in the wall.

Brigandine Cape – Bear Armor Cloak Location

AC Valhalla Bear Armor Cloak Location

  • Location: Sciropescire
  • Suggested Power: 130
  • Nearest Fast Travel Point: Bardon Lookout

Follow Dudmastun Lake towards the North, cross Quatford and the lake merges into another there is a point with an underground passage. Go to the location and look for a small boat filled with explosive pots. Shoot with an arrow and you will an entrance to a secret cave. Enter the cave, and use the wooden plank to walk on wall edges on the left. Break the blocked passage, pull the stone in front and grab the Cloak from the chest.

Brigandine Armor – Bear Armor Location

AC Valhalla Bear Armor Torso Location

  • Location: Cent
  • Suggested Power: 130
  • Nearest Fast Travel Point: Canterbury Cathedral

The armor is located in the dense region of Cent, towards the east center. Use the Canterbury Catherdal fast travel point, jump down and enter the first entrance on the left. You will be inside a massive hall, turn right and walk till the end towards the chair. Climb from left you will be in a lobby. Look on your left side for a red lock, break it with the arrow. Walk a little further and use the rope on left to go to the other side. Unlock the door on the left and continue walking till the end until you reach a room. Shoot the chandelier, it will break the floor and you can grab the torso from the chest.

Brigandine Gauntlet – Bear Armor Gauntlet Location

AC Valhalla Bear Armor Gauntlets Location

  • Location: Cent
  • Suggested Power: 130

In the center of Cent look for Beamasfield. It is a distrust area, follow the armor marker. It will take you to one of the houses, the armor is on the platform above the door. Just climb up, it is extremely easy to collect. You will require a key to unlock the chest, exit the house with the armor chest and scan the first house on your right. There is one more key, collect the first key, and walk to the left of the house with the chest. Look for a place where some guards are collectible woods, the second key inside the shed on the wooden logs.

Brigandine Trouser – Bear Shoes Gauntlet Location

AC Valhalla Bear Armor Trouser Location

  • Location: Cent
  • Suggested Power: 130

On the east end of Cent, at the east bank of Dover Fortress, jump into the water. Jump from the location as shown in the map screenshot above. It is a heavily guarded place, after jumping in water swim to the shore. Press to Scan to get the exact location of the chest it is right on the front side. Grab an explosive pot and carry it towards the chest marker. Place it on the floor and shoot to explode. There is another locked door below the ground, use a torch to find it. You will get the final piece of the bear armor here.

That’s it you got all five pieces of the secret bear armor in Assassins Creed Valhalla. Want to unlock more armor then check our Valhalla armor location guide.