AC Valhalla Ostara Festival: All Easter Egg Hunt Locations

Here's where to find 15 Easter Egg Basket locations during the Ostara Festival in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

After the cold harsh winter, spring is finally here. We will celebrate this festival at the spring equinox just as the Anglo-Saxons & Vikings did. Where is the best place to raise your mead horns other than in Ravensthorpe? With Ostara Festival, being held for a limited time from March 18 to April 8 in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, we have a lot to do and a lot to explore. So drink, hunt, fight along with your Raven Clan and while you find some time alone, go hunt for the Easter egg baskets. In this article, we will give you all 15 Easter Egg Hunt locations and riddle solutions.

While Eivor believes the egg hunt activity is for the children, Alwin assures Eivor that it’s challenging. Alwin made Alvis write clues to the locations as riddles which you to solve. They also made sure to hide the eggs in difficult-to-find areas. But with your Odin vision & sound mind, this task is going to be easy for you. So without further ado, check out where to find all Easter Eggs during the Ostara festival in AC Valhalla.

Where to Find All Easter Egg Hunt Locations in AC Valhalla?

Valhalla Where to Find Easter Eggs

Once you talk to Alwin, he will give you the first clue to start the hunt. The clue says:

  1. The hunt is on and the eggs are hidden.
  2. For most of them, you’ll need your vision.
  3. Six of them will get a clue.
  4. The other nine will be up to you.
  5. When all fifteen eggs you have found,
  6. Return them to Alwin, safe and sound.

This clue foreshadows the six riddles you need to solve to get the clues to egg hunt locations.

Ostara Festival Egg Hunt Riddle Solutions

Valhalla 15 Hidden Easter Egg Hunt Basket Locations

You can skip reading all these clues to initiate a bit more challenging egg hunt. For your reference here are all the six Riddles:

  1. A symbol of conquerors to the greatness they aspired. It stands now in ruin, their rule long expired.
  2. Old, new, and some long since rotten. Here they lie gone, not forgotten.
  3. Music merriment and mead abound. But keep your wits, there are eggs to be found.
  4. With a thunderous roar, I carve the land. Go over me and you’ll find yourself with a fall unplanned.
  5. Lay down your arms, your battles done. Drink and feast till up comes the sun. A word to the wise, there’s more than one.
  6. Our door to travel and trade, it is vital to launch and raid.

All 15 Hidden Easter Egg Hunt Basket Locations in AC Valhalla

Valhalla Ostara Egg Hunt Riddle Solutions

So now you have referred to the Riddles, here are the Riddle solutions for Egg locations in Ostara Festival:

  • On the green grassy rooftop of Alwin’s house.
  • On the ground behind Norvid’s Stall between the shop and table with some apples.
  • In the Ostara Festival area, behind Mayda’s throne.
  • By the eastern edge of the main dock where you anchor your longship Drakkar.
  • On the ground behind the blacksmith’s place.
  • Right side, beside Reda’s tent shop.
  • Find on the scaffolding overseeing the brawling pit.
  • Next to the river below the bridge at the archery challenge area.
  • Bank near the base of the waterfall, situated beside Seer’s building.
  • Neat to the tree standing in the western graveyard.
  • On top of the Roman column ruin next to Maximilian’s tent.
  • On the ground beside the west big tree outside the Longhouse.
  • The eastern exterior ledge of the Longhouse.
  • On the rafters over the main dining area in Longhouse.
  • Finally on the Longhouse west side ground level, besides a few netting.

That’s all the 15 Easter egg locations you can find to complete the Egg Hunt challenge during Ostara Festival. Once you have all 15 of them return to Alwin to collect your rewards. You will receive XP, 140 Festival Tokens to buy Ostara items and Alwin as an available opponent for Brawling.

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