Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Where To Find Black Bears

Here's where to find Black Bears in AC Valhalla and farm Black Bear Fur (Location) for Hunting Deliveries.

During your journey as Eivor, you will encounter many animals (legendary or otherwise) and you will need to take them down. That’s because you get animal parts as well as other rewards from them. If you are currently on the hunt for some black bears in this game, our location guide will save your time by a great extent. Here’s where to find Black bears in AC Valhalla and get Black Bear Fur quickly and easily.

AC Valhalla Black Bear Location: How to Get Black Bear Fur?

To get Black bear fur, you need to kill a Black Bear. You can find this animal in Lincolnscire near a river which is to the north east of Ledecestrescire. Check out the Black bear location in AC Valhalla right here on the map.

black-bear-farming-location-assassins-creed-valhalla where-to-find-black-bear-location-ac-valhalla

Once you travel to the location, head towards the area where there are small peaks and you will see a Black Bear roaming around. If it sees you, it will charge at you so be prepared. They can be quite aggressive.

You can choose to use arrows or you can go for melee attacks and kill this animal. As an animal drop, you will get Leather and Black Bear Fur and if you are lucky, you may find more than one Black Bear here. Also, if you want to farm Black Bear Fur then you need to wait a bit and go to the areas around the location to find that they have respawned. In our first attempt at getting the fur, we only got Leather from these animals so if that happens, simply try again.


Speaking of Bears, here are the farming locations of Brown Bears and Polar Bears. Get that fur and complete your objectives, you adventurer! Also, if you are searching for Wolf Fangs, Animal Guts, Small Brown Trout and Heron Beaks, we’ve got you covered.

Best Weapon to kill Legendary Animals in AC Valhalla

Certain weapons are quite strong enough to kill these animals or any strong enemy in AC Valhalla. For example Aella’s Bardiche, a superior axe. The benefit of this strong axe is you get the decent range to hit down targets. Especially when you are dealing with legendary animals. Watch the video below on how to unlock this amazing axe in AC Valhalla.

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