AC Valhalla: Where To Find All Legendary Animals & Locations

Take down all the Legendary Animals to get lucrative rewards.

Finding and killing Legendary Animals in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is an important aspect of the game. You can earn some great exclusive rewards by doing so as soon as you have established the Hunter’s Hut in your settlement. There are a handful of Legendary Animals roaming in the wilds of AC Valhalla’s map, and finding all of them can be challenging without the knowledge of the exact location. Hence, in this guide, we will walk you through where to find and kill all the Legendary Animals in AC Valhalla.

AC Valhalla Legendary Animals Guide: Where to Find and Kill All of Them

You can find and kill all Legendary Animals in AC Valhalla by following the blue markers on the world map. When you zoom on the markers, the Legendary Animal in that location will respond with its sound. However, we won’t just leave by saying only this much. In this guide, we will discuss the exact locations to find each Legendary Animal and provide a few tips that will help you kill it easily without much of a hassle. But before getting into the location of all Legendary Animals, it is important to know how and where you can redeem their rewards.

How to Get Rewards for Finding and Killing All Legendary Animals

You can redeem AC Valhalla Legendary Animal by constructing the Hunter’s Hut in your settlement. As soon as you build the Hunter’s Hut, you will get access to the NPC Wallace. Interacting with Wallace after killing a Legendary Animal and handing her it’s pelting will get you the rewards.

You will receive several lucrative rewards. The notable rewards that you can get for killing Legendary Animals include Vord’rs Bite and Petra’s Arc. On top of it all, you will also get an achievement trophy in your longhouse. That’s all with the AC Valhalla Legendary Animals rewards list, now, let’s begin with the list of all Legendary Animals in AC Valhalla and how to easily find and kill them.

AC Valhalla All Legendary Animals Locations

There are a total of 11 Legendary Animals currently available in AC Valhalla. We will go through the locations and tips to kill each of them individually.

Vinland: O’Yan Do Ne

You will find this moose to the north of Tionontate: Ken in Vinland on the AC Valhalla map. The suggested power level for Vinland is zero. However, it does not mean that you will be easily able to kill this Legendary Animal. The moose can vigorously attack you with its charge attack, so watch out for it and dodge quickly to prevent getting hit.

ac valhalla legendary animal oyan do ne location

To be able to get anywhere close to this Legendary Animal, you will first have to unlock Vinland by completing the Lunden Arc and interacting with Hytham at the AC Valhalla Hidden Ones’ Bureau. When you enter Vinland, all your items will become null and void. Hence, you will have to first buy and collect fresh items from the local traders. You can do this by using carbon ingots, iron ore, and leather.

Rygjafylke: Elk of Bloody Peaks

As the name gives it all, you will find this Legendary Elk on the frozen peaks of Rygjafylke. It will be roaming under a waterfall. The Elk has four major attacks namely, basic antler slam, heavy antler charge, a buck of its back legs, and runic attack, that you need to watch out for.

legendary animal elk of bloody peaks

Your best bet to kill the Elk is to bring down its stamina and then use arrows to finish the Legendary Animal. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Brush with Death’ skill to slow down the Elk and use the poison buildup ability to bring down the Animal. It is also best to fight the Elk head-on as it will surprisingly use its two back legs to attack if you try to get to it from the back.

East Anglia: Black Shuck

To the northeast of Colcestre are some ancient ruins where you will find the Black Shuck feeding on corpses in AC Valhalla. This dog is very quick when it comes to attacking; hence, you will always have to be on the lookout for his attacks and constantly keep on dodging them. The best strategy to take down this dog is to keep distance and be patient to wait for the perfect time to land great hits on it.

ac valhalla legendary animal black shulk location

You can use a spear and shield for the fight. When the dog is going distant from you, be prepared to dodge its charge attack. After the charge attack, there will be a few moments where the dog will be open to take attacks, that’s the time for you to build upon. If you are losing health quickly during the fight, there are Winter Chantrelle scattered across the fighting area. You can consume the Winter Chantrelle to regain your health.

Oxenefordscire: The Corpse Feeders

The Corpse Feeders are a pack of three wolves. You will find them in Oxenefordscire to the west of Earnningstone. You don’t want to get into a three on one fight here because that is going to be very challenging for you to win. Instead, the best thing to do here is to use the barn-like building somewhere in the center of the field. The top of the building has room for only one wolf standing at a time. Hence, you can climb to the top and take on the wolves one by one.

the corpse feeders location

Alternatively, you can also use skills like the “Raven School Miasma” that can attack all three wolves at once. Talking specifically about the “Raven School Miasma” skill, it will create a poison cloud that will constantly attack all the wolves when one of them is defeated.

Sciropescire: Beast of the Hills

This Beast of the Hills in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is found to the east of the Quatford in the Uriconium Ruins. You will have to slip through the caves of the Ruins to enter a dungeon where you will find this Bear. Most of the attacks that this bear will use are front-faced; hence, it is best to attack him from behind. Even while attacking the Beast of the Hills from the back, you will have to watch out for AOE attacks as they can take a toll on your health.

legendary animal beast of the hills location

Another great strategy to beat the bear is the dodge and attack one that we have mentioned for O’Yan Do Ne and the Black Shuck. All you need to do is focus on dodging its attacks and then capitalize on the time when it is immobilized.

Lincolnscire: Gemad Wulf

You will find the Gemad Wulf in Lincolnscire to the northeast of Aelfgarstun in some old ruin. The Wulf will attack from the top of the wall as soon as you enter the ruin. Hence, keep an eye for an attack from the top and dodge it by moving to the other side of the wall.

ac valhalla legendary animal gemad wulf location

As you would know, the wolf’s attack in packs. During the mid-fight, the Wulf will howl, which will bring in a pack of wolves to join the fight. You can either maintain distance from every wolf and use arrows to attack the Wulf or you can take down the pack first and then focus on their leader.

Suthsexe: Aelfred’s Battle Cattle

To the south of Lunden in Suthsexe is a horde of bulls waiting for you in a swampy pen. This is the location where you will find Aelfred’s Battle Cattle or Aelfred’s Battle Sow in AC Valhalla. The entire horde will help the Sow throughout the fight. Similar to fighting the Corpse Feeders, you can use the Raven School Miasma skill to create the poison cloud.

aelfred battle cattle

The Sow uses attacks that are similar to the Elk like headbutt, charge, and kick. Hence, you will have to keep dodging its attack and wait patiently for the right opportunity. The biggest tip here is to attack the bull from its side and not from front or back.

Eurvicscire: The Blood Swine

Eurvicscire’s Blood Swine is located in Bleasby Swamp to the northeast of Repton. Its attacks are similar to several other Legendary Animals in AC Valhalla. The most dangerous and annoying attack it will use is the charge attack and the buck attack where it will kick dirt on your face. Another move this pig has is that it will hide in the bushes and charge attack on you from behind them.

legendary animal the blood swine location

Since, the Blood Swine hides and then attacks, it is best to keep an eye on its location thoroughly throughout the fight. This will help you dodge its attack and let you capitalize when it’s in a mobilized state.

Jotunheim: Steinnbjorn

When you complete the Agard Arc under Valka’s spell, you will unlock a realm via the Seer’s hut. This area in Jotunheim is where you will find the mythical beast Steinnbjorn. The exact location of the battle is to the east of Utgard and north of the serpent’s tree synchronization point. Steinnbjorn is an ice-armored bear; hence, the best way to take down this beast is by using fire build-up weapons. Also, remember to bring in a lot of rations in this fight as you will need them a lot.

ac valhalla legendary animal steinnbjorn

Hordaflyke: Bear of the Blue Waters

In Hordaflyke is a little ice cap in the far reaches of Norway, that’s where you will find the Bear of Blue Waters. This giant polar bear has swords on its back. Similar to the other bear Legendary Animal Beast of the Hills, it is best to attack this polar bear from its back. Bear of the Blue Waters uses slow but very powerful attacks. Dodge its attacks and move to its back and attack from there. It is recommended to take your best weapon and armor gear for the fight.

BEAR OF THE BLUE WATERS legendary animal location

Hamtunscire: Wildcats of the Weald

You will have to fight two nasty cats: father and son, here. The Wildcats of the Weald are located to the south-west of Wincestre in a dark region. All you need to do is follow the trails of blood to reach them. Watch out for the ponce-dash move they use as it is one of the most dangerous moves they use. The best strategy here is to take down the father Wildcat first and then focus on the son.

ac valhalla legendary animal location of wildcats of the weald

That’s the end of our AC Valhalla Legendary Animals locations guide. We hope that you now know the exact locations of all the 11 Legendary Animals currently available in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and how to find and kill each one of them. If you want to read more guides on the game, ensure visiting our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wiki page. On the wiki page, you will find each and every tip and trick that can make your journey to conquer Norway and England a whole lot simpler.