AC Valhalla Wolf Fang Location Guide

This is the location where you should search for Wolf Fangs in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Wolf Fang in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a rare resource that players are currently searching the whole open world for. In order to save your time, we will give you the AC Valhalla Wolf Fang location where you can find Wolf Fangs easily. In this location, you will find a lot of wolves to hunt and loot from so let’s begin.

Where to Find Wolf Fangs in AC Valhalla


You can find Wolf Fangs in AC Valhalla at the snowy mountainous region of Rygjafylke. Simply head over to the location marked on the map below and get hunting.


You can use your Horse Mount to move around the area while using your bow and arrows to shoot the animals. Not all wolves will drop Wolf Fangs every time, though.

Apart from Wolf Fangs, you will also obtain Leather and Light Arrows through this method. To look for more wolves around the area, use your Odin Sight and the wolves will be shown to you. Do note that hunting these animals will also give you +10 XP.

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This is everything you need to know about the Wolf Fang location and where to find Wolf Fangs in AC Valhalla. Since you will be in Rygjafylke, don’t forget to check out all the wealth locations, all artifact locations, Legendary Animals, and lots more! Just search Rygjafylke in the search bar for related articles or head over to our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla wiki right away.

Plus, once you’ve got your hands on some Fangs, also find out where to get Animal Guts, Hearts, Bones and Viper Eggs from. Reading these guides will help you narrow down your search and save a lot of time that you can spend killing enemies instead. So, go ahead and gather those resources, Viking!