How To Get Zvezdochka In Atomic Heart (Location)

Learn how you can find and craft the Zvezdochka Melee Weapon to be more powerful in Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart features good melee combat with multiple different melee weapons, one such melee weapon is the Zvezdochka but how do you find its location? Atomic Heart has a unique art style that seems to be inspired by Bio-Shock. This style also reflects in its items and especially weapons. With unique and detailed weapons, it makes you want to get all the weapons possible. Let’s take a look at where you can find the Zvezdochka and how to craft it.

How to Find the Location for Zvezdochka in Atomic Heart

red log house zvezdochka location atomic heart

Before you get to the location for the Zvezdochka in Atomic Heart, know that you will have to find its blueprint initially. Only after getting the blueprint will you be able to craft it and use it. Here is how you get the blueprint:

  1. While on the Breath of Fresh Air mission, find the red-log house after getting out of Vavilov Complex.
  2. Enter the red-log house and walk past the robots onto the second floor.
  3. Turn left on the second floor and find the balcony, this balcony will have a chest.
  4. Open the chest and loot the Zvezdochka blueprint.

You will now have the blueprint to craft Zvezdochka. However, you can’t quite craft it yet because you will need the required resources.

How to Craft the Zvezdochka

Here listed are all the items you will need in order to craft the Zvezdochka after getting its blueprint from its location in Atomic Heart:

  • 155 metal parts
  • 19 superconductors
  • 15 chemistry materials

Getting these resources shouldn’t be hard, it will only be a matter of time. You should be getting these items in all the general loot locations, so make sure you keep looting as you explore.

That is all you need to know on how to find the location for Zvezdochka in Atomic Heart. For more guides like this, check out our other articles like the best early-game melee weapons and how to equip skills in Atomic Hearts.