Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Side With The Zhentarim Or The Guild?

Wondering which organization you need to support, the Zhentarim or the Guild in BG3? Here is everything you need to know before you pick a side.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, any choice you make during a dialogue will have consequences and might also be a contributing factor that will change the course of your adventure in the game. Each decision you take will have a different outcome, which makes the storyline in BG3 more compelling and exciting.

Similarly, as you progress through the game you will be notified about a vicious rivalry between two organizations, the Zhentarim and the Guild. Your role in this situation would be to pick a side and choose to support any one of them.

However, before you make this important decision, you will need help understanding which group can benefit you more. If you need information about them, here is everything you need to know about these two organizations in BG3.

Should you Support the Zhentarim or the Guild in BG3

Who are the Zhentarim in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The Zhentarim, also sometimes referred to as the ‘Black Network’ consists of a group of assassins and thevies. This organization that operates in Faerun doesn’t have any ethical concerns or morals that might help the people. They are often involved in selling contraband and illicit goods like drugs, poisons, weapons, and slaves.

Additionally, they appoint assassins to take down any rivals or competitors that get in their way and will take any route, including blackmail and murder to clear out any of their foes. This means as long as their objectives and goals are met, they are willing to do anything in their capacity.

Who are the Guild in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The Guild is also a criminal organization in Baldur’s Gate 3. Additionally, this group is filled with thieves who are also dealing with the business that goes around in the Black Market. However, the only striking difference between these two networks is that the Guilds are more cautious of their actions and aren’t as evil and dangerous as the Zhentarim. In addition to this, they also genuinely care about the protection and well-being of the city.

Should you Side With the Zhentarim or the Guild in BG3?

As mentioned earlier, the Zhentarim are actively trying to attack whoever interrupts their business. Therefore, the Guilds are trying to defeat Stone Lord who is plotting the murders of all the members of the Guild. However, in this situation, the decision to pick a side is completely up to you. Although the Guild is a slightly better option as compared to the Zhentarim, in the end, both of these organizations deal with illegitimate activities.

No matter which group you side, both of them will support you while defeating the Absolute. However, if you are looking to benefit from this situation, you should choose to support the Guild as you can loot 10,000 gold from the Zhentarim leader.

This is everything you need to know before you make your decision about supporting either the Zhentarim or the Guild in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you need help with other interactions in the game, make sure to browse through our guide on all the choices and consequences in BG3, right here on Gamer Tweak.