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Valheim: You Can’t Sleep At This Time Message Meaning

Why can't you sleep at this time in Valheim?

Valheim has achieved stratospheric levels of success. And we aren’t even being cocky about it. The Survival game has blown up and quite rightfully so too. The game owes its success to its gameplay experience on the whole. Allowing you to step into the shoes or rather the bare feet of a Viking, you have to brave the conditions and beware of your enemies. Doing so will make you doozy and craving the comfort of your thatched bed. But what is this curious message in Valheim that says “You Can’t Sleep At This Time”? Worry not as we identify the meaning behind this message. Scroll down to read our analysis of the same.

You Can’t Sleep at this Time in Valheim


You cant sleep at this time in Valheim
Learn the meaning behind this pop-up message.

This message usually appears when you try to sleep again just after waking up from your bed. The game functions on a set clock in which 21 mins of real-time relates to daytime hours in the game. 9 minutes of real-time correlates to nighttime in the game. This means that a full day in Valheim lasts for 30 real minutes. When you do go to sleep in your bed and you skip the night. You will have to wait for 10 minutes and 30 seconds before you can actually use the bed to sleep again.

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Like, we know that you do get tired on your escapades through the Black Forest, but, sleeping right after getting up is a bit too much isn’t it? Plus how shameful must it be for your Viking ancestors to see your character channel your real-life behavior?

So that’s all about the “You can’t sleep at this time” message that pops up in Valheim. Know more about this record-breaking game by looking at our comprehensive Valheim Wiki or you can even check out How to Tell Time in Valheim.