How to play as Xiao in Genshin Impact?

By Raaj
2 Min Read

Genshin Impact lets you choose between twenty-three different characters. Each comes with this own unique abilities and powers. Among all the characters Xiao is a strong warrior you can rely on in Genshin Impact. I am going to share a straight-forward way to unlock this character in the game. Xiao looks young but he is over 200 years old and comes with amazing abilities and powers. Protector of the city Liyue, Xiao is on a mission to defeat the dark forces.

How to unlock Xiao in Genshin Impact?

Xiao is a rare character in the game, to unlock you will have to level up in Adventurer Rank. Get a handful of wishes to level up in the rank and go to the Wishes Menu. Check if Xiao is available there, and start opening banners.

You will have to use a minimum of 10-wishes to get a four-star item. This occurs after every 10th try. If you are in lower ranks there are chances you will unlock a few starter characters at the beginning. Do not worry just keep on trying, some of the easiest characters you can get are Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa.

All the low-level characters are unlocked via Archon Quest. It is necessary to level up fast so that you can farm wishes for unlocking banners. Farming wishes are part of the game’s progression system. You will get this regularly as you move forward but if you want to know in detail about how to get wishes in Genshin Impact then click the link.

Also to save your time have a separate guide on how to unlock new characters in Genshin Impact. The game has a long list of playable characters with unique abilities and power. In this guide you learned about unlocking Xiao, for more we will be sharing tips soon. Till then you scan through our Genshin Impact Guides section to check out what more amazing stuff you can do in the game.