Here’s How Xbox Series X Startup Sounds When You Boot It Up

The sound that a gaming console makes when booting up is not a small thing. After all, it is an audio that has been recorded in our minds for decades and takes us back to happy times. This is why we believe that many will be interested to know that the sound that the Xbox Series X makes when booting up might have been revealed.

What happened is that Microsoft shared a new video on YouTube, in which it is promoting the next chapter of Inside Xbox. At the beginning of the video, a short audio is played that many fans believe is the start-up sound of the Xbox Series X.

But why do people think this is what the Xbox Series X will sound like when powered on? There are 3 reasons: the first reason is that it is accompanied by an animation with the Xbox logo. The second is that the video’s subtitles say “New Xbox Sound” when the audio appears. The third and last is that the description of the video uses the term “boot up”, which can be used to say “start” or “turn on”.

Without further ado we leave you with the video:

As you saw, the video that we present to you is a promo for the next episode of Inside Xbox. This is a video presentation that will take place on May 7 and in which we will take a look at some games for the next generation console.

We remind you that in this presentation, Microsoft will show us some third-party games that we will see on its new console. That said, later there will be other events in which they will show more about their gaming platform.

Xbox Series X will arrive in late 2020. What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments below.