Xbox Series X Gameplay Reveal Confirmed for May 7

Microsoft recently announced through their social networks that on May 7 they will give a sample with gameplays including the first games of the Xbox X Series. This will occur at 8 AM, PT.

“You want to see games for the Xbox Series X? We want to show you games for the Xbox Series X. Check out First Look next-gen gameplay from our global developers partners within #InsideXbox on Thursday, May 7 at 8am PT,” can be read from the official Xbox Twitter account.

It is important to clarify that, as the tweet says, these are games from global developers, that is, third-parties. Surely one of the titles they will show will be the recently announced Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, as this Ubisoft franchise usually has a close business relationship with Xbox, but not exclusivity.

On the side of the Microsoft brand exclusives, there is no official information on a possible date in which a little of its gameplay will be shown. However, we already know about a couple of Xbox Series X games, such as Halo Infinite and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II. Since these are being developed by Microsoft’s own gaming studio, the two titles will be obviously shown in the presentation. Instead, we expect a good deal of other gossips to be presented.

So, it is confirmed that the new edition of Inside Xbox will only focus on 3rd party games from Xbox partners. The new console of Microsoft is due for release this Christmas. We’ve already learned a great deal about how the next console generation is performing – keywords are lightning-fast SSD loading, ray tracing, and backward compatibility.