How to Get More Storage Space On Xbox Series X and S

Everything you need to know about the Seagate Storage Expansion Card.

Have you pre-ordered or considering to buy Xbox Series X or Series S? If your answer is YES then you must be wondering about its storage expansion. If you have been having trouble knowing how to get more storage on Xbox Series X and Series S then this guide will teach you the same in the easiest way.

What is the Xbox Storage Expansion Card?

In March this year, Xbox revealed that Xbox Series X will have a 1TB internal SSD and it can be further expanded by using external SSD. Notably, both Storage Expanion card and Xbox Series X’s internal storage are same. The format is a custom NVMe and specifically, it’s PCIe 4.

For the unversed, NVM2 is a format that is usually used in Gaming PCs because it provides an amazing speed. When it comes to support high performance then there is no better storage than PCle 4 on Xbox Series X and Series S.

This means you can easily expand the storage of both Xbox Series X and Series S by simply plugging the right card into the back your new console.

That’s all you need to know about how to expand your storage on Xbox Series X and S.

Xbox Storage Expansion Card price and availability

The Seagate card is currently on sale and we have brought to you the latest prices for you here. If you opt for 1TB Seagate Firecuda NVMe PCle 4, it will costs you around £200 or $250. Apart from 1TB card, there is no other card available at the moment.

Xbox Team had recently confirmed that they will launch more variants in the times to come. It is likely that they will soon launch 500GB or 2TB version that you can buy. However, the price of both 500GB or 2TB version is yet to be announced.

Can I remove an Xbox Storage Expansion Card I have installed it?

You, you can remove an Xbox Storage Expansion card. The best thing about this card is you can remove it and carry it to someone else’s house to use on their Xbox Series X and S.

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