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How To Turn On HDR On Xbox Series X

Turn on HDR for best imaging.

The all-new next-gen console Xbox Series X provides so many technical and hardware functionalities including 4K HDR. If you want to stream your videos, having a knowledge of how to use HDR is a must. Hence, we are here with this guide on how to turn on HDR on Xbox Series X.


Xbox Series X: How to Turn On 4K HDR

You can turn on HDR by heading to Settings>General>TV and Display>Calibrate HDR for games. From this screen, you can turn on or off HDR capabilities on Xbox Series X.

HDR option is by default turned on for the games that support it. Hence, turning it on won’t be much of a concern most of the time. However, having the relevant knowledge is a must so that you don’t get caught up in a situation. You can also view the status of HDR from the in-game video settings menu.

turn on 4k hdr in xbox series x

Another major aspect of using HDR is that your TV should support it as well. Not all TV hardware is capable of allowing HDR imaging. You can check this by again heading back to the TV and Display option and then selecting TV details. This will specify all the resolution details including whether your TV supports HDR. You will find an HDR10 for gaming options under the playing games section. If the option is check-marked, your TV supports HDR otherwise it doesn’t.

If both your game and the TV supports HDR, but you are still not able to enable it, try plugging it differently. That’s because different inputs give different resolution outputs.


That’s exactly how you turn on HDR on Xbox Series X. The hardware of the Xbox Series X console is new with various new changes. You can refer to some of our guides such as how to record clips, take screenshots, and change date/time for help with different settings.