Xbox Series S Technical Specs & Trailer Leaked Ahead of Official Presentation

After revealing the design and the price, the technical specifications of the Xbox Series S seems to have leaked via a trailer, which explains that the console will offer a 512GB SSD, will run games at 1440p up to 120FPS, and will be raytracing compatible.

Xbox Series S Technical Specifications:

  • All-Digital
  • 1440p at up to 120FPS
  • DirectX Raytracing
  • Variable Rate Shading
  • Variable Refresh Rate
  • Ultra-Low Latency
  • Custom 512GB SSD
  • 4K Streaming Media Playback
  • 4K Upscaling for Games

It is also worth mentioning that Xbox Series S will be 60% smaller than Xbox Series X (which will be priced at $499, as per a leak) and the storage space of the little console will be customized by Microsoft of the NVME SSD type, even if it is still not specified in the video below whether the memory can be expanded with the same cards that we can use with the Xbox Series X.

This is the second leak after the first one a little earlier which showed the design and price, $299, of the Xbox Series X little console. Since then Microsoft has made this machine official for the first time, but without offering more detail.

Check the official trailer of Xbox Series S, that got leaked, below.