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Xbox Series X Release Date & Price Confirmed By A New Leak

While Microsoft remains silent on the launch of the Xbox Series X, the Windows Central site has now confirmed the price and the launch date of the new console. In addition, we received the first images of the Xbox Series S.


In the past few weeks, Microsoft confirmed that Xbox Series X will find its way into international trade in November of this year, but further details on the market launch of the new Xbox have so far been a long time coming.

In recent hours, however, the Windows Central site ensured clarity and, citing sources familiar with the matter, named both the final launch date and the prices of the two Xbox Series systems. Yes, you read that right: Both systems. Because the Xbox Series S was finally confirmed tonight.

As stated in the Windows Central report, a corresponding event, at which Microsoft will talk in detail about the launch of the new Xbox, will take place shortly. But how deep do interested players have to dig into their pockets? According to the leak from Windows Central, the Xbox Series X will, as recently speculated, be available at a price of $499 US dollars.

In the US and other selected countries, customers will have the option to finance their Xbox Series X systems through the Xbox All Access service. An amount of $35 US dollars is due here every month. In addition to an Xbox Series X system, a subscription to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is offered.

Number two in the league is the Xbox Series S, which recently haunted the rumor mill and will enable an affordable entry into the new generation of consoles. The performance of the 4 teraflop system, in which an optical drive was dispensed with for reasons of cost, will level out at about the level of the Xbox One X. The Xbox Series S will be available at a price of $299 US dollars.

With the Xbox Series S, interested customers will also have the opportunity to finance their console via the “Xbox All Access” service. Here the monthly price is $25. But when will the next-generation consoles be available? Both the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will be released on November 10, 2020, according to Windows Central.


So far, this information only applies to the North American market, but since Microsoft has recently repeatedly assured that the new generation Xbox will be released simultaneously worldwide, it should be available everywhere.

Now the only thing missing is the final confirmation from Microsoft.