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Xbox Series S: First Look And Price Leaked

Leaks about the low-specs next-gen console.

While Xbox Series X and PS5 will be competing for the better next-gen consoles in November, Microsoft has its secret weapon ready. Microsoft has kept the low-featured and less budget Xbox Series S which was lately rumored under the code name “Lockhart.” There has been now an addition to the rumor in the form of leaked design and price.

According to an image posted by Brad Sams on Twitter, the price of Xbox Series S is set to be US$299. The image features the console and the set price. Brad has also uploaded a video on youtube revealing the design of the Xbox Series S. It is thinner than other Xbox Series and comes without a disc drive. However, Microsoft has not confirmed any of these, neither the design nor the price.

It is also said that the Xbox Series S will come with a $25 per month Xbox All-Access pass. Both Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are supposed to be out on November 10. If the leaks are true then Xbox Series S can really be lucrative for entry-level gamers with its affordable price and sleeky design.

On the other hand, Xbox Series X is said to be launched at a price of $499 with a $35 per month Xbox All-Access pass. The Series X will sport ultra 4K resolution with 60 FPS. This is a great move by Microsoft to reach the maximum number of potential gamers. The ultimate question would then be whether you want ultra features in your console, or you are happy with fewer features and an affordable price?

It will be exciting to see how Sony reacts and competes with this trick to make their PS5 outstand in the next-gen consoles competition.