Xbox Series S Controller Points Towards A White Xbox Series S Console

Would you like to see the Xbox Series S in white

Xbox Series S controller has been revealed on twitter and judging solely by the looks of the controller, it can be easily be mistaken for the Xbox One controller if you do not recognize the D-Pad.

While Microsoft hasn’t made any radical changes to the controller, the added functionality to the default Xbox Series S controller will help players navigate and use the D-Pad more often.

The Series X controller has been designed with the Xbox Elite 2 controller in mind, a lot of players will be disappointed with no major changes with the next-gen consoles.

While the design was already revealed, in person the controller looks simple yet elegant, another plus point for Microsoft is the fact that the Xbox One controller is perfectly compatible with the next-gen console making a seamless transition possible without the need for upgrades.

The leaked Series S controller is white in color and while we’ve all know that Microsoft is notorious for adding themes to their controllers and consoles, a major question arises where a lot of players have been wondering if the console itself will be made available in white at launch.

You can read more about the Xbox Series S controller right here with an in-depth look at how Microsoft looks to market and rumored release date.

This will give players a contrast dilemma, to choose between black and white. The Xbox Series X black color with green accent light is already looking like it will be the center of attraction but the Xbox Series S’ white color might give players another option to look for.

The bumper buttons along with the triggers are all in white, with only the D-Pad and joystick buttons in black. It will be a nice complementary console for those looking to purchase both consoles for various games, it will also be an interesting analysis to see how the Xbox Series S compares to the power output of the Xbox Series X.

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