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Xbox Series S Confirmed With Leaked White Controller

In the past few months, there has been a persistent rumor that a smaller model in the form of the Xbox Series S will be released in addition to the Xbox Series X. A leaked packaging of the Xbox Series X white controller has now provided final clarity.

Even if an official announcement by Microsoft is still incoming, it is actually considered certain that a smaller and cheaper version of the next-generation console will be released in addition to the Xbox Series X.

This reappeared again and again under the code name “Lockhart” – among other things in the data of the official Xbox Series X developer kit. While Microsoft continues to remain silent on the rumors about the Lockhart model and the Xbox Series X, a leak at the start of the new week provided final clarity about Xbox Series S.

Some screenshots of the packaging of the new Xbox controller appeared on the social platform of Twitter. As can be seen from the packaging below, the controller in question is compatible with the following platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Windows 10 as well as iOS and Android. The authenticity of the pictures has been confirmed by the US site The Verge.

So an official announcement of the Xbox Series S should actually only be a matter of time. According to the unconfirmed reports of the last few weeks, the little brother of the Xbox Series X will be revealed or introduced later this month.

According to the rumor mill, Microsoft wants to target gamers with a small budget with the Xbox Series S and enable them to enter the world of the new Xbox at a low cost. Due to the weaker hardware compared to the Xbox Series X, Microsoft should aim for a display in 1080p or 1440p on the Lockhart model.

Should there be any further details about the Xbox Series S, we will of course bring you up to date information about it immediately. The new generation of Xbox Series X, like the PlayStation 5, will be released in this year’s holiday season. Concrete prices and dates have not yet been named.