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Microsoft To Reveal Cheaper Xbox Series S in August 2020 – Report

While Sony made the show a few days ago now, by presenting its new PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition, gamers are now looking to the giant Microsoft, which will offer a new streaming event this July. An event broadcast live, which will allow you to learn more about the new Xbox, and in particular the first-party games.

In addition to the powerful Xbox Series X, we know that Microsoft is also preparing a cheaper version of its future console, whose objective is to be displayed in stores at a more affordable price. An Xbox codenamed “Lockhart” which could be renamed to Xbox Series S when launched. Recent documents concerning the Microsoft devkit have also mentioned this Xbox Series S codenamed Lockhart very explicitly.

According to Eurogamer, Microsoft will reveal its new Xbox Series S (Lockhart) in August 2020, next month. The American giant should first demonstrate the power of its Xbox Series X, during the event planned for July, in order to respond to Sony and its PS5.

A little later, Microsoft should, therefore, lift the veil on the other Xbox, namely a less successful version, which would have 7.5 GB of RAM (against 13.5 GB for the Series X) and a power of 4 Tflops (against 12 for the Xbox Series X).

A console less powerful, therefore, which would be cut for all those who do not need the power of the Xbox Series X, and especially those who will connect their console to a 1080p screen or a 1440p monitor.

If the price of the cheap variant should prove to be true in the end, this should be an acceptable compromise, especially for casual gamers. For now, all players are waiting for the July event, in which Microsoft will demonstrate the games of its own studios for the next generation of consoles, including Halo Infinite.

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