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Xbox Game Studios Event Will Be Held Between July 20 to 26, Journalist Claims

Microsoft is preparing its events to compete directly with the announcements that Sony made for its PlayStation 5 a few weeks ago. For this, Microsoft will hold an event that will show games that Xbox Game Studios has been doing lately, besides presenting the future of Xbox Series X.

According to Jeff Grubb, a journalist at Venture Beat, the Xbox Game Studios event would take place in one of the last weeks of July. To be exact, it will be held at some point in the week that will take place from July 20 to 26.

It should be noted that Microsoft has kept the official date a secret, but another “leak” would indicate the same dates that Grubb previously published, and it was from Jez Corden of Windows Central who published an article in which he pointed out that the event will take place around these dates.

It should be noted that the Xbox Games event is really important for the company, since it will be the right time for Microsoft to finally sell fans its new projects such as Halo Infinite. However, titles from third-party publishers, who already had their own presentation in May, could ultimately also be present there.

The information comes from Jez Corden. In response to a tweet from fellow VentureBeat colleague Jeff Grubb, he “confirmed” on Twitter that third-party titles will take part in the event, which should not be broadcast before mid-July.

It will, therefore, be necessary to show a little patience to know what the conference has in store for us in the hope that it does not stir up as many false expectations as the previous one.