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Microsoft Confirms That An Xbox “Digital Show” Is Still Scheduled for July

Microsoft has already held a presentation focused on games from third-party developers coming to its new console and it is now preparing another for July. However, there were reports that there would be another event scheduled for June and that it would have been delayed until August, but today Microsoft denied this information.

According to details from the editor of GamesBeat, Jeff Grubb, one of the events focused on Xbox would be held in June, apart from July, in which games of the next-generation console would be presented. However, recently he updated the information indicating that the event, which he calls Xboxing Day, would actually air until August. Many paid close attention to this information, as Grubb had provided correct information about the PlayStation 5 stream before it was revealed.

According to Grubb, Microsoft would not be willing to show details before Sony (which will make its game presentation on June 11), but noted that the company was likely to show something later after the PlayStation 5 event.

This, however, was unofficial information and today Microsoft came out to deny it. Aaron Greenberg, a marketing member at Xbox Studios, indicated that they have not delayed anything and that plans to carry out the broadcast in July are still ongoing.

So, everything seems to indicate that there will be no Xbox information in June. Something to remember is that the company plans to hold more streams to showcase more Xbox Series X news in addition to the in-studio title-focused stream in July, so we could expect more information, such as pricing and more details of the console, in the months to come.

In addition, it is also speculated that in one of the upcoming events Microsoft could reveal a new model of Xbox Series X, the console that until today is known by the code name of Xbox Series S/Lockhart and that so far has not been denied.