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Xbox Series S/Lockhart References Found in Windows 10 OS Code

Microsoft has still not confirmed the existence of Xbox Series S/Lockhart, which might be a cheap version of Xbox Series X, but it has just left another clue about the existence of the product. There were some programmers who recently discovered mentions of the cheap console of Microsoft in the Windows 10 code libraries.

According to the Twitter user TitleOS, he had shared several screenshots showing references to the name “Lockhart” in Microsoft’s operating system codes. The code name appears listed next to the identification of other consoles of the company, such as Anaconda (Xbox Series X) and Scorpio (Xbox One X).

Even if the existence of Xbox Series S/Lockhart has not yet been confirmed, rumors about the product do not stop appearing on the web. As the leaked screenshot, the device could be available in the market with the code name Xbox Series S. The console would bring the main benefits present in the Xbox Series X, such as fast loading screens, use of SSD, support for backwards compatibility and games in the cloud.

The only difference of the product would be in the power: the Xbox Series S/Lockhart could be released with hardware inferior to the Xbox Series X and the PS5, guaranteeing a more affordable price in relation to the other consoles. With that, Microsoft would have an input device among the new generation consoles.

As we all know that Xbox Series X is scheduled for release later this year, however, Microsoft will begin to reveal games and news about the console as early as next month, in a series of online events. Keeping that in mind, maybe the Redmond giant will bring more details about Xbox Series S soon.

Even if this doesn’t confirm that the Xbox Series S will be a reality, but it does seem to confirm that Microsoft has at least experimented with the idea or that it is preparing an alternative version that will release after Xbox Series X.