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PS5 Games Reveal Event Confirmed for June 11

After being delayed earlier, the event of the PlayStation Future of Gaming from Sony has been now confirmed. Rumors had been circulating recently that June 12 would be the date when the PS5 event would take place, but a leak now confirms via an advertisement on Twitch that went online a little too early, confirming that the game reveals presentation will take place on June 11.

It seems that the date of the PlayStation 5 live stream has been fixed again. According to an official Sony Twitch Stream that appeared online too early, the PS5 event will not take place on Thursday, June 11 at 9:00 PM BST.

During the live stream, Sony will reveal the first games of PlayStation 5. The event was originally scheduled for June 4, but Sony decided to delay the live stream out of respect for the protests in the United States and around the world.

Sony has not yet officially confirmed the new date for the PS5 games live stream. However, the live stream advertisement has already been spotted on Twitch. So it’s only a matter of time before Sony finally announces the said date of the event.

During the event, which should last for more than an hour, according to Sony, the focus is on games and gameplay that we can expect on the PlayStation 5. It is therefore not expected that the console itself will be shown, but perhaps Sony can surprise us.

It’s time to finally get excited about the PlayStation Future of Gaming according to Sony. Stay tuned to get the official information from Sony only on GamerTweak.com.