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PlayStation 5 Event Cancelled By Sony Amid Riots In USA

PlayStation has shown solidarity with the ongoing riots in the United States of America where the police have been accused of taking lives of black men without cause or reason. A lot of companies have shown their support to the Black Lives Matter movement which looks to curb this.

Coming back to PlayStation, it would have been very insensitive on Sony’s part if they would have carried on with the presentation of the next-gen console which was supposed to take place on the 4th of June 2020.


Sony’s social media team first showed solidarity with this brave tweet which showed their unwavering support towards the cause.


Sadly race wars have been plaguing America for all of its history and now people have taken to the streets to denounce the injustice caused by the police.

Sony, however, said that they will return with the PlayStation event later though a specific time or date was not given.



As it stands we’re unsure how long it would take but it can range from days to weeks, as the situation in the United States of America is only worsening.

Hopefully, all of this will be solved and while there is a global pandemic at large out in the world, people have been unafraid and are standing tall for their rights.

We will keep you updated about Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 reveal event. As for now, it doesn’t look like the event will take place anytime soon.

Black Lives Matter