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PS5 Event Reportedly Set for June 12

The presentation of games for the next-generation console of PS5 from Sony was to take place the day after tomorrow. However, this will not happen – the Japanese company has canceled the event last night. In any case, various media are already gossiping about the new date of the show.

The Sony event, at which the games were to be revealed on PlayStation 5, was scheduled for Thursday, June 4. Yesterday we reported that Sony had canceled the Thursday conference due to the riot in the US caused by the death of a black American.


By contrast, there are some unofficial reports circulating on the web stating that the company has already pre-set a new date of presentation. So, according to rumors, the PS5 game reveals conference will take place on June 12.

This information should, of course, be treated with some due precaution because the news comes from a forum member from 4chan who supposedly has information from the marketing department of Sony. At the moment, it is certainly impossible to determine whether both the internet user’s contacts and the information itself are true.

Sony is waiting for developments in the US, and will definitely give a new date soon. We think that it will be known to everyone when the riots will be over. Therefore, it is not completely impossible that the show will actually take place next week.


One thing is certain: we will definitely not see PS5 games on June 4. As soon as the Japanese company reveals a new date, you’ll definitely hear about it from us. If the rumor is really true, we are expected to receive official confirmation from Sony later this week.

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