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Learn how to play the game on Xbox One

Team Sonic Racing is a competitive racing game where you will play with your allies, in a team of three you will compete with others to win races and fight to place your name on the top of the leader board. To play well you will need to learn all the controls which are very simple to remember, being a racing game it is mostly about accelerating your car to stay ahead. In this Team Sonic Racing controls to guide you will learn about Xbox One Controls.

Team Sonic Racing Xbox One Controls

  • Left Trigger – Brake or Drift
  • Left Bumper – Switch Category
  • Left Stick – Steer
  • View Button – Player List
  • Menu Button – Pause game. Access Game Menu. Join or Leave a multiplayer game.
  • Right Trigger – Accelerate.
  • Right Bumper – Switch Category.
  • Right Stick – Perform a mid-air barrel roll.
  • Y – Team Ultimate
  • X – Rear View
  • B – Transfer Item Cancel or Return
  • A – Use Item or Horn or Select

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